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Helmet questions

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by jimmythehuman, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. I am off to get a new helmet tomorrow, yes I will find one that fits. but i do have a couple of questions.

    I current drive, walk, bbq, root and sleep in my sunnies, i feel that i can hardly even drive without them on. Do folks mostly buy a nice pay of wrap around sunnies and a clear visor, or not wear sunnies and buy a tinted one?

    I would like to spend something like 3 or 400, the dood in the bike shop told me the other day i should buy MIN $500 helmet. This sounds like BS to me, i am on my Ls and dont plan on imitating Mick Doohan, just gonna cruise around. Surely a $300 brand name from a motorbike shop helmet will be fine? All seem to be KBC, Shark, or Shoei, so surely the medium range will be fine?

  2. Firstly, as long as it fits well it will do the job. "Generally" the more expensive helmets are lighter and better ventilated and have a few more features. Some you will use, some you wont.
    I personally wear sunnies in the helmet cause I can't be bothered changing visors. Sunnies are much quicker to get on and off. Test your helmet choice with sunnies on. Some like Shoei, have slots in the lining where sunnies frames can sit in better.
  3. Some people are fine wearing sunnies under a clear visor (I know I do) other people hate it - really comes down to personal choice. Some expensive helmets might offer better protection, then again they might only offer fancy graphics, hard to tell. In the end they're all Aus. Standards approved so there aren't any "unsafe" helmets out there.
  4. When I bought my helmet, I got a KBC Force S Airborne Edition for around $300-something... it's a nice helmet. I wear glasses, so that pretty much stops me from wearing sunnies. The visor swap thing is a little annoying, but what can you do? (I don't have the money for contacts or PX sunnies yet). I'm not terrtibly impressed with the tinted visor I got... if the sun's in FOV I have to squint a bit, but I guess it can't really be helped, can it?

    This helmet was the cheapest one I could comfortably wear with my glasses, and it's quite well ventilated as well.
  5. A KBC VR1/VR2 would be a decent first helmet. Not what one would consider cheap (ie. the $100 super special's) but not overly expensive. It'll do the job in a crash as well as anything else with a DOT & SNELL rating will.

    If you've got more money, by all means spend it on something more comfortable and better fitting - i did; i found a Shoei that fit my head like a pillow and just had to buy it (good price too!).

    For your $400 you could easily get a VR1/2 with the pretty design of your choice (even the bling chrome ones) aswell as a dark smoked visor to suit, and probably be left with some change.
  6. KBC are fine. I use one (a VR-1), and I'm happy overall. It's not the quiestest helmet around - although it's not bad. I'm not a fan of the velcro ear pads. Without them it's very loud, with them in it's quieter, but they have a habit of moving a little when putting the helmet on. No biggie - just a bit of a pain. overall though I find the helmet very comfortable.

    I bought it because it was the most comfortable helmet for me after a full day helmet shopping, and trying on many different brands.

    My advice when buying a helmet would be to try on many different helmets, and choose one you're most comfortable in.

    And, if you plan to wear sunnies under it, make sure you try it on WITH THE SUNNIES YOU PLAN TO WEAR before buying it. Different sunnies feel vastly different under helmets.

  7. I've got a cheapo Nitro N-510V (got in on big discount for $127) and I wear prescription specs and have two pairs one clear one dark and no probs with them in the helmet although its a mild nuisance to have to take them off put the helmet on then put them back on. The clear specs are the light titanium ones, the darkies are a pretty conventional shaped frame. As long as they aren't too chunky (e.g. like the ones Bono the fly wears) shouldn't be a problem.

    I also have a tinted visor for when I wear contacts but I have heard a lot of people get stuck out in dark streets with a tinted visor and it really sucks!

    BTW the helmet is fine, fits really snuggly not too noisy and has a few vents in it ... plus looks alright in the matt black since it matches my black leathers :grin:

    P.S You might want to check the price of the visors when selecting a helmet since they vary quite a lot between helmets.

  8. Ta VVP thats exactly what i will do.

    Damn they really are cheap from there...thanks again.
  9. also polarised sunnies make weird multi color effects under clear visors so u wont want that. make sure u test your sunnies for these effects by looking outside a window at the natural light outside.
  10. If your helmet fits as snug as it should, you may find that wearing sunnies all day could give you a headache. I found my sunnies pressed against my temples lead to major headaches near the end of a day riding.
    It's a pain ( pardon the pun ), but I now swap betweeen clear and tinted visors and leave the sunnies for when I am off the bike.

    In regards to helmets, you should shop with your eyes closed. Buy the best fitting, most comfortable helmet you find, then worry about the price tag.....if you skimp on your helmet and put up with a sub-standard one just because it was the right price, you may not be comfortable out riding and that can ruin everything, including your concentration. :)

  11. I don't believe that is correct.
  12. I wear glasses too. When I got my bike, I got the cheap starters pack with the helmet, jacket and gloves. I figured as a learner I would get a cheaper helmet to start off with and as I get more experience etc I will eventually get better gear. I was comparing my helmet with someone's helmet at work. he has a Shoei and there is a noticeable weight difference..... I am getting prescription sunnies soon and will appreciate not having to squint all the damn time.
  13. Also if you do decide to go down the path of swapping visors, when you are looking at helmets look at the mechanism for swapping them.

    My last KBC had a setup where you took off two plastic covers and then removed the visor, after a couple of changes i could see the plastic mechanism on the covers was already wearing.


  14. The weird colour effects are less of a drama than having to change visors, though, surely.....
  15. Although the sales guy is just trying to sell you a good lid for the comission he is right. I've always worn Arai and usually pay around a $1000 a go. Last year I did try on the top of the range AGV when I went shopping and it felt like I was wearing a card board box on my head. Even a cheap Arai feels much better than an expensive eyropean brand lid.

    Swopping from a clear visor to a dark one can also be done just as quick as putting on a pair of sunny's. They just clip on and off.
  16. I have a HJC FG14 (don't know if they are made any more?) but i suits my head shape, is light, and also has a very qucik visor change (shoei style), for the price, it has all the features of the shoei. I wear glasses so have a tinted and clear. usually have the tinted visor, if i know i will be out at night, take or put on the clear one, otherwise if i am around town, just leave the visor up at night.
  17. Maybe it does on your head, but I tried on a number of Arais (and Shoei, Shark, HJC, AGV etc) before buying my KBC VR-1.

    The Arais felt terrible on my head, and the KBC felt much nicer.

    I'm not knocking Arais - I know they're a good helmet, but the point is that different helmets suit different shaped heads. There's no reason to spend $1000 on a helmet if a $300 or $400 helmet fits and feels better.
  18. I bought a KBC VR-1 for $300 (second one), come with clear visor. I wore $30 sunnies underneath and all was good. I then got a tinted (not irridium [sp]) visor and I love it, better contrast and wider field of view. Also doesn't 'pinch' like with the sunnies. I think it comes down to $$$ and personal preference, if I didn't get the tinited visor I'd still be happy with sunnies. In regards to changing visors, the VR-1 has an excelent mechanism for changing them and I take a tank bag with the clear visor everywhere I go, it carries my wallet and phones anyway.
  19. I need to wear Aria's to have a bit of space to fit in the big penis that sticks out the top of my head