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Helmet Questions

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Jono_, Oct 9, 2015.

  1. I'm in the market for a new helmet and found 2 that fit me well and accommodate my glasses without any annoyances, I've only ever worn AGV/Rjays so i'm not sure about other brands.

    I'm just after a few thoughts on these helmets and opinions on others with twin visor system.

    These are the two helmets in question, I've also tried on an RJAYS dominator with the TSS and found that ok, But i'd have to order it online.

    HJC is-17
    LS2 Stream
  2. Hey Jono_Jono_ , coincidentally I also have glasses and I also have the HJC IS-17 and after only 6 months of ownership, the plastic knob for the drop down sun visor broke yesterday which now renders the internal visor useless.

    The fit is ok but I'll be spending more money on the next helmet. I can recommend the Shark S900C as I have previously owned this before I stupidly destroyed it by having it blow off my bike.

    I'll now be looking for a better helmet which I will baby, most likely a Shoei GT-Air.
  3. I wear glasses under an Arai vector with no problems. They are aviator style though with the metal frames.
  4. Thanks guys, I'm going to the AMA warehouse tomorrow so i'll try on some more Sharks, I didn't see the Easy fit glasses system on the S600/700s I tried on today,I just sort of slide my glasses in-between the pads and my face lol
  5. Yeah, only the S900C, Speed-R and Vision-R have the bits for the glasses.
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  6. I've been wearing HJCs of one sort or another for the last 15 years, mainly because I seem to have an HJC shaped head. Generally I've found them to be well finished for their price, comfortable and durable. I would, however say that I've been unimpressed with the visor mechanisms and they don't seem to have been improving over time. They work but they're really not great. The rest of the lid makes up for it though, IMHO. Something which I did find improved things was replacing the OEM gearplates and visor with cheapo knock-offs off Ebay. One instance where OEM stuff wasn't the best option. Go figure.
  7. Having worn an Arai Vector 2 for the last year I have nothing but praise for it. I have a large round head so wear the XL size it has grooves in the liner for glasses arms that are generous I wear fairly large arm sunglasses and have no trouble getting them on. Doesn't have the drop down sun visor like some of the others fit is very comfy. Reasonably quite although I went from a flip face Nolan to this helmet so really no comparison the Nolan was noisy as a barn door with wind roaring past everything.
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  8. Hi everyone I'm also in the market for a new helmet, just wondering if anyone has bought a lid from revzilla in the states, I was looking online because they had some nice helmets on sale but I wasn't sure if they are legal in oz because they don't have the Australia standards sticker.
  9. There's a whole thread dedicated to that very question if you do a search. Very long winded in places but depending on what state you're in they are legal in other states not.
  10. Thanks greggles new to the forum
    Search might be a good place to start
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  11. The Arai Vector 2 with sunnies works for me.
  12. +1 for the Arai Vector 2

    Works with my glasses. Only now deciding on aftermarket visors.
  13. I went through this process in the last week. I really liked the fit of the HJC IS17, and they do well in the safety ratings. I just found while A <-> B-ing them with other helmets they seemed to have reduced vision for the over-the-shoulder look. I ended up with an AGV K3 SV. They also have the channel for glasses. I'm happy enough with the features for the price.
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  14. Not sure if this is helpful or not cause you have listed "toilet" as your location...

    but in Victoria helmets need to comply with either the AS standard or the euro standard "ECE 22.05 (or any later version of that standard). "
    Protective clothing for riders : VicRoads
    [VIC] - ECE Helmets legal
  15. jesus if he needs a helmet for the crapper that's going to be one hell of Werribee whopper
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