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Helmet questions

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Minority153, Mar 19, 2015.

  1. Hi guys,

    Just some questions about helmets in general because I know we all have different head shapes, blah blah.

    But I was looking at the rjays gp3+ because it seemed to fit my head really well and I really liked the sun visor inside. But then I read on another forum that it is ridiculously noisy.

    Question 1: how can you tell whether a helmet will have good noise protection?

    2: does anyone know of any other helmets that have the drop down sun visor feature?

    3: why don't the bigger brands seem to have any drop down visor models?

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. Shoei have them, as do a few other brands, but if you look you'll find them.. as for the 'noisy' helmets, I think it's also how well it fits you at the base, if you've got a wide head and a thinner neck, you'll have good a good fit around the skull, but a little gap around the neck letting noise in.. perhaps there's other ways of knowing/ finding out, but I don't know them.. Still a noob myself.
  3. 1) Short of wearing one on the road, you can't. User reviews can give you some idea. But no helmet is truly quiet - many of us wear earplugs for hearing protection (wind noise being at the right frequency to do some serious damage in the long term). Neck socks or balaclavas that close up the neck opening can help too.

    2) Off the top of my head, Shark, AGV and Shoei all have models with drop-down visors.

    3) See (2) above. That said, if I recall correctly Arai didn't like the concept because they thought the recess for the internal visor could compromise safety.
  4. Wear earplugs
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  5. ^^ What he said. Buy the helmet based on fit first, then features like a drop down visor, then colour etc. If you find it's a bit loud, wear earplugs. Most helmets are a bit loud, it's the wind noise and there's not a lot you can do about it if you find it's a problem. Best to just wear the plugs and protect your hearing that way.
  6. Also Nolan for around $250 have a drop down visor N43/N86, for bigger money Shoei Gt Air,Mid price the Shark Vison R around $430
    No idea about noise from these helmets
  7. Some helmets (mine is a Shoei TZ-X) have a visor lock mechanism which allows the visor to seal shut thus reducing a lot of wind noise. This can be checked when you're browsing for helmets.

    Get the shop guy to show you a Shoe TZ-X when you're there next and you'll get a clearer picture.
  8. Helmets are weird, mine hurt the top of my head after about half an hour then mysteriously became supremely comfortable. Get some musician's earplugs, they make safe without feeling too distant/muffled.
  9. Minority153Minority153 I have a SHOEI helmet. I found that it got quite windy / noisy in the cooler months (this was awesome on hot days though) so i got myself a Whisper Strip


    This fits under the helmet and ends up looking like this;


    This reduces wind noise significantly and keeps out the cold too.. Its quite easy to remove and reattach when required.

    I'm sure you can get these for many helmets out there that might be a tad noisy.

    Also, proper adjustment of the visor shield can reduce noise as well.

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  10. Cool, thanks guys
  11. Mrs has a HJC IS17 which has the drop down visor- she doesn't mind it.
    Also at this stage I think Shoei has the only certified inner visor (polarised?) or whatever the regulation it should meet.
    I dont think SHARK, HJC etc have met the regulations. Again just what I was told but maybe worth asking.
  12. The inner visor only has to meet basic regs for sunglasses, there's no requirement for them to be impact rated like an outer visor as they are protected by the outer visor.
  13. Is wearing sunglasses inside the helmet really uncomfortable?
  14. Depends on the frame; aviators for example are excellent and the narrow arm means they go on while moving easier.
  15. I wear glasses and don't like drop down visors because that is an extra layer you are trying to see through. Also they don't work with some glasses because they are too close to the face. Bell has a "Transitions" visor that darkens in the sun but is clear in low light; not cheap though.
  16. Having a well ... bloody big nose isn't great for internal visors either. If my helmet isn't sitting just right it can hit my nose. Also if both the inner and outer visor aren't very clean it's almost impossible to see anything when riding into the sun. The glare becomes ridiculous. I still find it more comfortable than most sunglasses though.
  17. Shoei sale at peter Stevens if you're interested. GT Air down to $599 from $899....
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  18. I checked out bike mart in ringwood yesterday, and they were really helpful. Although, tge salesperson said that I should actually get a size smaller in helmet because it'll get bigger one whole size from the padding compression or shrinking....

    Is this true? A whole size?

    I already felt like my head was going through a wormhole in the XS. :-S
  19. In five years of wearing it, maybe, but you should be looking to replace it by then anyway. Too tight is no good, you just want it a hair firmer than ideal to allow for stretch but not a whole size.
  20. IMHO - Sounds like dodgy advice to me, a helmet any size to small will be uncomfortable, may lead to headaches and fatigue.
    As for the padding compressing, its for that reason they recommend you replace your helmet every 5 years, because compression in the materials reduces the helmets effectiveness when you need it the most.