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Helmet Question

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by rob53, May 10, 2008.

  1. Hi all,
    I bought all my gear today, and after trying on so many helmets, my ears are pretty sore.

    So is there some sort of technique to taking a helmet off, rather than pulling it off and practically tearing my ears off at the same time?

  2. If you're pulling off your helmet till it's sore then it's about time you got a girlfriend. :shock:
  3. What's that got to do with.... oh.... yeah I see what you did there... :oops:
  4. :-k Haha some creative minds around here...
    Rob I had the same problem when choosing my helmet. What you might want to try is pulling the chin straps outwards and lifting the helmet from the back first, so your kind of sliding it over your head instead of pulling up...and that whole sentence just sounded so dirty :p
  5. Your nic' name is Wingnut or you got the wrong helmet.
  6. Hehe a couple of weeks ago I went through exactly the same thing.

    I actually had a headache from the sore ears.

    I put it down to a lot of helmets that just weren't right for me.

    Now that I have found the right helmet shape and size (a Shoei TZR), I don't have the problem.

    Just pull those straps right out when putting it on, and off if needed


  7. lol i was lucky..
    first helmet i put on i liked.. tried a shark RSI (didtn like it)
    so proceeded to buy my AGV Watevanameitis for 260 bucks
  8. It's harder when you have will smith ears :(
  9. Try a flip front, my Nolan is so easy to put on and take off when the front is flipped up.
  10. +1 on the Nolan flip front. With the front up, the sides are flexible enough to quite comfortably put it on and take it off without any discomfort. Otherwise, thought about getting your ears pinned? :bolt:
  11. The helmet will flex if you pull it apart at the bottom...use the straps, your thumbs..whatever.
  12. Funny you should mention that, that's what people call my brother sometimes :p

    Yeah I kind of have ear's like Will Smith :oops:

    Thanks for the advice, flexing the helmet with the straps and lifting the helmet from the back first worked for me.
  13. I was having trouble with just my left ear. It folded everytime I removed my helmet. I now give it a little twist as I remove it to ensure that my ear stays flat.
  14. if u cant afford nolan (like me) try the Rjays tour tech really comfortable
  15. Try pulling the straps outward (horizontally) when you pull it off. (pun intended)
    Also, keep in mind, once the flexible lining wears to the shape of your noggin, it shouldn't be too much of a hassle.