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Helmet query

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Hypasonic80, Feb 27, 2014.

  1. Hi all,

    Just a few questions regarding helmets.

    1. Is it really true that if you drop your helmet even just dropping off the bike, renders the helmet no good?

    2. I always wear sunglasses, do you recommend the helmets with the flip down dark visor, as well as the normal clear front.

    3. As my first helmet should I go for a good priced unit such as a shoei or as told by bike shop to start with a cheaper one just in case I drop it. I did not like this advise! But though I better ask.

    Thanks for your help


  2. Hi mate,

    1 - Would depend on how hard you drop it. still not a good idea either way.

    2 - I have a Bell helmet with transitional lens, works great! A friend of mine has a Shoei with drop down visor, he loves it!

    3 - IMO there is no substitute for quality of build when it comes to a helmet. I would buy the best that i could afford. There is a website somewhere that rates them in a safety test scenario.
    Not real good advise from the bike shop!
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  3. The most important thing is to buy a helmet that fits you properly.

    Different brands fit different head shapes - a $1,000 helmet that is too lose or too tight is no good for you.

    A helmet is not always rendered useless by a drop, if in doubt some manufacturers will check your helmet for you after a drop.

    I use a helmet with a dark internal visor and prefer it to wearing sunnies, it's more comfortable on a long ride and it's also one less thing to carry about.
  4. I like the drop down visor in my HJC but compared to my Rhok it weighs a ton and having a scrawny old neck and a stuffed back I tend to wear the lighter helmet much more often on longer rides particularly they both fit roundish heads by the way. As the Womble said different brands, different shapes.
    The foam lining should be firm and even and will give . If you feel a hot spot like temple or forehead then chances are it's the wrong shape.
    Disclaimer....I am no helmet expert, talking from personal experience only, there are as many threads on here about helmets as there are moustaches in Mexico so have a look around.
  5. 1. Depends on how hard it drops and what it hits. I've always worked on the principle that if it lands on a solid surface and bounces - replace it.

    2. that would depend on whether the helmet fits you properly.

    3. Don't worry about price too much. How the helmet fits is far far more important. No point spending $1000 on a helmet that doesn't fit.
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  6. I wear sunnies, but am considering a drop down dark visor. Too many times I've got carried away and ridden home in the dark. No joy with sunnies on!

    ps - avoid Polaroid sunglasses - unless you like seeing rainbows whenever you look thru your visor!
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  7. 1: Pretty much subscribe to the same theory as Mick.

    2: Helmet fit is more important than gadgets.

    3: Buy what fits best, not on price. And price is no guarantee of protection.
  8. Haha. Yes! I was wondering why everyone looked weird the first time I wore my impact resistant sunnies. All my sunnies are polarized for fishing, which is a bugger with a visor.
  9. 1 - No.

    2 - Yes, if possible (see #3).

    3 - Find one that fits.
  10. Hi All,

    Thanks for your responses.

    I ended up buying the Shoei XR1100, which was the perfect fit after trying heaps on.

    Okay so it didn't have the flip down dark visor, so I bought an tinted front visor which is almost the same as my favourite pair of sunnies.

    Very happy with my purchase.


    P.S Anyone know why my avatar is upside down? I've tried different pictures some the right way and others the wrong way, but to no difference?
  11. You must be hanging from the ceiling? :)
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  12. Good helmet, I've had a couple of those.
    Your avatar is showing your pic as the right way up on tapatalk.

  13. 1. No - it's not true that if you drop your helmet even just dropping off the bike, renders the helmet no good.

    It is true a helmet is only good for one hit, but that is a hit with weight in the helmet aka your head.

    If you've dropped your helmet, take a look and see if there are any cracks, if there are none, it is most likely ok.

    2. If you wear sunglasses, and you prefer to wear sunnies, feel free to do so. There are also those helmets that have those flip down glassed, but in general, those are also heavier helmets.

    3. Go with a helmet that feels comfortable for you. It could be a cheap helmet, or an expensive helmet, but they are all tested to the same standard. It's rubbish not to buy an expensive helmet because you might drop it. You may also drop your bike, or get hit crossing the street. Go with what you want and what fits properly.
  14. I think ive mentioned this before, but a great UK govt website exists that rates the safety of helmets; many are equal in safety yet differ vastly in price. Try http://sharp.direct.gov.uk/

    Ive learned the hard way in buying a great helmet, but turning out to be too big for me. My reading glasses didn't fit the drop down visor in a medium, so I had to get a large one; rookie mistake!