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Helmet Query

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 91gpx250, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, how are we all ?
    Have a question with regards to buying a helmet of the net. I have found a helmet locally, and nearly had heart failure at the price. This lead me to searching the net, whereby, I found the same helmet in the US for less than a third of the price here. Never realised import tariffs were so high. What I'm curious about is this, is the US bought helmet legal to use here in Aus ?



  2. wat e sed
  3. Wow, that was quick. Thanx guys, thats what I thort. Just wanted to be doubly sure...

  4. You been here since 2010 but only 2 posts?

  5. No, just a long time lurkrer. :)
  6. Australian Standards will stop you in your tracks everytime...you may not be covered by insurance if they are not Australian standards. And Australian standards are bloody hard. Alot of overseas product passes their codes but can be only used for "offroad purposes" or race use here.
  7. No, but buy it anyway.

    Say you have a helmet of excellent quality here in oz with a very important sticker on it saying its legal for you wear here but it costs $1000. Not sure about you but $1000 would be out of my price range and I would have to buy a helmet of lesser quality for a lower price. If that same (exactly the same, having a sticker doesn't make it safer people!) helmet could be bought online for, say, $300 then I could buy it and have a much better/safer helmet on my head.

    Taxes/protecting the industry/whatever is either forcing us to pay more for the same quality OR forcing us into buying a lower standard of helmet because of cost.

    So, I would risk the $200? fine from the cops (when was the last time anybody has had their compliance sticker checked?) in order to be wearing safer helmet when I ride.

    If $300 buys you an Australian helmet that gives you safety/features of 8 (I'm just making these numbers up) but $300 also buys you a European helmet with safety/features of 12, why the hell wouldn't you buy the Euro helmet?!?

    I can here it now "oh but its illegal!" Riiiigggghttt, anybody on this site ridden their bike faster than the speed limit? That's also illegal and carries fines you know...
  8. Yeah? And what about your insurance when you have a crash?

    You reckon insurance companies are dumb do ya?
  9. Its up to you but to think that helmets for the USA market and the Australian market are the same is erroneous. The USA Snell and DOT standard do not require passing the spear point penetration test and so are generally a lighter shell. They are also not required to pass a testing phase by an independent test authority.
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  10. Short answer - take the sticker off an old helmet and put it on the new one if you are worried about police inspections. If the helmet you are proposing to buy is also sold in Australia then I can assure you that it is the same helmet sold locally and will pass all Australian standards - manufacturers don't produce multiple versions of the same helmet for different international markets.

    As for insurance, your insurance company does not cover you for physical injury - the TAC does that - so they have no interest, worse case scenario is that your insurance company refuse to replace your helmet in case of damage in an accident.

    As far as the TAC is concerned, they have a no fault policy - you need not even be wearing a helmet and would still be covered in event of an injury on the road,
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  11. Doesn't work.
  12. Why not? Use a hairdryer if the glue is too sticky.
  13. The sticker has a "VOID" mechanism built into it, so to speak.

    You try and remove the sticker from the helmet and "VOID" stays stuck to the helmet. Thus rendering the helmet useless as it has "VOID" written across it, and the same with the sticker as it also has the word "VOID" missing from it.
  14. Just went down to the garage and peeled the sticker off an old helmet, and see what you mean. However, it is only a very small lettering on the red part of the sticker and only obvious if you look very close.
  15. All the information you have given is incorrect

    lower price does not mean a lower quality there are many higher grade helmets out there at half the price of the "big name brands" - perhaps you have brand affinity ?

    unless you have the testing results to compare how can you be certain that higher cost equates to higher quality ?

    take the risk of a $200 fine multiply that by say getting caught 4 times there is $800 - that is if you are not made to destroy the helmet or it is not confiscated from you on the spot.

    take the risk on a non AS 1698 helmet - and in an accident where do you think you would stand with insurance companies - ESPECIALLY if their is a claim for personal injuries to yourself --- let me tell you any solicitor working for an insurance company will have a field day with your "contributory negligence"

    go ahead save a few hundred now at the gamble of loosing a few million later

    Also a person was talking to me on friday last week was explaining how his helmet and bike were checked at a roadside breathalyser recently.

    Please tell us with your expert knowledge how the overseas helmet is the same ? Euro helmets do not do penetration testing to pass standards, Australian Standards do exactly what euro standards do and then more - so they are are more rigorous here in Australia.

    And yes there are different helmets for different markets same as different cars for different markets.

    really if you do not know you should not spread disinformation and obfuscate things further for new riders or those that do not know

    The blind should never lead the blind - would you feel any remorse or responsibility if your advise is taken and it leads to a drastic detrimental incident of some sort ?

    Our Aus standards protect us from overseas helmets such as the following video '

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  16. Leave it tak, darwinism will sort it.
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  17. Okay Champ I guess you are right but my instincts are to help and save people.

    I just don't like the possibility uninformed people may read that incorrect advice given and head it - only to find themselves in a heap of trouble later.

    I seriously would dislike if in someway it then brings disrepute to this good forum and the good experienced and knowledgeable people here who share their wisdom/experience and education freely to help others enjoy the same interest in motorcycles.
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  18. Sorry that wasnt meant to be critical of what you said at all.

    Takamii knows his stuff, I cant confirm the legal status but i would defer to him.

    I personally would always buy a helmet locally even if the standards didnt exist. Fit is the most important thing for safety anyway. Not going to protect you if your head bounces around in your helmet.
  19. I understood fully it wasnt Champ no apology sought or required