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Helmet Qs

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by speedysnaill, Mar 24, 2007.

  1. Hi guys!

    I'm a brand-spankin'-new learner, and I'm looking at buying a helmet. Unfortunately, I'm a chick with a REALLY small head, so I need S/XS. I can't seem to find any helmets that fit well but don't cost over $400. Can I get away with a helmet for under this price that is going to save my head from being smashed on the bitumen, or am I better off sucking it up and paying a lot of $$$? (if I CAN get away with a cheaper helmet, can someone tell me what brand/make, and if you're in SA where I can get one)

  2. you can get away with any helmet that is Aus certified but may not get away from discomfort :grin:
  3. you will be able to pick up a new cheap helmet, have a look on this site http://bikebiz.com.au/enter.html?lang=en-us&target=d101.html&lmd=39160.678148 , they send them out by courier/regular post and Cash on delivery. they have measurements so if you know your head size it would be good, different brand helmets have slightly different dimensions .

    as most people will say, get one that is comfy and not loose on ya melon :p
  4. Basically different shape heads fit different brands of helmet so what you need to do is go around and try on different helmet brands and models until you find the one that fits your head properly, as a proper fitment is very important, you should be able to get an ok helmet for the dollars you want to spend but you will pay more for quality and comfort and you could pay a fair bit more for something really comfortable with good ventillation etc so the question is how much riding you do or will be doing because there is nothing worse than riding with an uncomfortable helmet especially long distances.
    Any of the bike shops here in Adelaide should be able to help you select a helmet that fits properly but if you are not sure P.M. me and I will give you some contacts at bike shops that know what they are doing regarding helmet selection.
  5. Thanks!

    Thanks for all the tips guys! Much appreciated! Will definitely look into the helmet thing more enthusiastically now - it was looking like SUCH a drag! hehehe!

  6. Personally I think expensive helmets are a waste of money unless you're prepared to replace them regularly (ie you're rich). You can get a really good lemet for around $200-250 and you're more likely to replace it every few years (which you should be doing).

    for price try Mr Grumpy in Morphett st, for range try Peter Stevens, or one of the other larger shops.

    I just use a Nitro and it's comfortable, quiet and reasonably light.

    Good luck - if possible get one with removable liners so you can clean them.
  7. i was in a similar situation. Im about a small but too big for a x/small. Most of the small helmets would feel a little to big or not real comfy. I was tossing up between the AGV stealth or the Shark RSF2i. I pretty sure im going with the Shark hlemet as it felt a lot nicer around the cheeks and lower head.
    But go to the biggest motorcycle store you can and try on teh range of helmets for the price range. I must of been in there for hours, lol. Then once you know the size you can phone around to get the colour, or just order it in.
  8. This is possibly oversimplifying it, but, so long as they are standards approved you can assume a unform level of protection, regardless of cost.

    Up to a point - if it doesn't fit properly then the protection is diminished.

    Correct comfortable fit is everything, it should be snug but not headache tight, it should make contact with all of you scone. if you rock it back and forth gently, it should not slip on your head, but move your skin. Yuo can find a lot of this info in the pamphlets that come with the helmets.

    I would never buy a brand of helmet without trying it on, none of them are exactly the same, even betwwen models of the same brand. I have an Arai Vector, the replacement for the Condor Model. In trying these on i found a marked difference between the two models in sizing. So don't buy on spec. try first.

    Good luck with your choices
  9. :)

    I went to Peter Stevens and did try on some helmets, unfortunately the cheapers brands in the 250-200 price range don't fit me. I guess I need to get a shark then, it was the most comfortable and actually FITTED my head enough to not slip while wearing it. Well, if it's going to keep my brains inside my head, then it's gotta be worth it! :)
  10. Where about do you live? Try to look for a $500 helmet and bargain with the guy. I know i have posted about bargaining many times but you could possibly walk out with a $500 helmet for $400 !!

    I mean if i could walk out with a $800 helmet for $700 why cant you?
  11. hmmmm

    Good point. Yes, bargaining is always a good way to go. I found the person who served me at Peter Stevens to be rude, however, and I was with someone else and they said the same thing, so I'm not sure how much I would have been able to bargain at that point lol.