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Helmet Problem

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by ametha elf, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. Just bought a new Shark RSI helmet. Its a good snug fit and I have no problems with it other than when I get a bit of a spurt along, the whole helmet vibrates so badly that I dont get good straight vision. Never had this problem with other cheaper brands Ive owned. Hubby said its got something to do with the angle of my windshield causing the wind to hit the helmet, but we've tried a few angles with only limited success. Any ideas?

  2. Is the helmet a perfect fit for you?

    May seem like a rather simple question, but it shouldnt be able to move sideways AT ALL once on your head, and as some people describe will pull your skin with it.
    Forward and back rotation should be minimal so that it doesn't move by itself..

    Can you explain more how its moving?

    My old helmet was a KBC TK-8 (cheapie) and it was fine looking straight, once i turned my head just a wee bit i got hit with the full force of the wind almost tearing my head off
    Now that I've upgraded to a KBC VR-2R, I find that while the wind noise is the same, there is absolutely ZERO force pushing on the helmet no matter which way im looking or how far above the windscreen I am.

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    how odd. does it change as you move your head around in the airstream? (i.e. is there a spot where it doesn't vibrate?) does wearing a neckwarmer help it?
    don't know if this helps?
  4. No, its a perfect fit, and it doesnt move sideways at all on my head generally. It just vibrates all over, but only when I'm doing over 110 for example. Havent used a neckwarmer on this one yet (Im in Brisbane, and only just got it so its way to hot for that at the moment!) I think its got something to do with the airstream coming off the windscreen, but as I said, we've tried moving it around with only a small amount of improvement. It gets so bad that I cant get clear vision, everything is shaky....Im riding from Brisbane to Lismore and back this weekend, so really hope it gets sorted out before leaving!!!
  5. That's really odd... Does it happen when you ride other bikes? Does it happen when you duck right down completely below the screen?
  6. Here's something to think about.
    Are you wearing your regular jacket?
    I have one that I wear on my low(ish) speed commute but if I'm out on the highway I cant keep my head still. Other jackets are fine though.
  7. Try removing the screen temporarily as then your helmet will be in clear un-turbulant (is that a word" air .

    This will determine if it is the helmet or screen but I will bet my left one the buffeting will cease with out the screen on.
  8. Ummm, MV, I havent ridden other bikes since getting the helmet. And I havent ducked down below the screen either but its only a lowish screen so will have to duck down a fair way!!!! (will check that one out). 2wheelsagain, its my regular jacket. Trust me to get a problem that no ones heard of! Im pretty sure its got something to do with the aerodynamics of the screen so will take that off and see how she goes. Ta for all your help.
  9. Laminar is the word ;) one of the only things I remember from fluid mechanics.
  10. It will be the turbulent air that's making the helmet vibrate but I'd have thought a correctly fitting helmet wouldn't vibrate like that. I also have the RSI and whether I stick my head up into the air stream or keep it behind the screen it doesn't vibrate at all. It does, however, have poor air circulation within the helmet.
  11. TDM's have a real problem with buffeting so I've been though this too. Before I sorted it my vision would blur at speed the buffeting was so bad. As bubba said, taking the screen off is the best test. I have now got a screen that's been cut down fairly severely with a jigsaw, so the turbulent wind hits my chest and not the helmet (helmet's in clean air) - fixes it, but it's radical surgery. I have a cheap HJC helmet for now, but from all reports it's a screen problem not a helmet problem (with the TDM anyway).
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  13. Thanks to all who replied. I got the screen cut down a little at a perspex place for $10, rode from Brisbane to Lismore and back last weekend - there was still a lilttle vibration within the helmet but nothing like it was.
  14. I used to suffer the same problem with my Arai helmet.

    The helmet was fine for the first few years but after a while the padding compressed and was a little loose.

    At speeds of around 200km/h it would rattle so hard that my vision was blurred and my eyes used to water quite badly.
    A new helmet fixed the problem
  15. vic, if I were to ride at 200klms per hour, I would have no vision at all, my eyes would be glued shut!!!
  16. Once you change into 4th you pass 200km/h really quickly :p

    You can try to alter the top of your screen with a length of PVC strip or similar to disrupt the air flow and force it up over your head. It won't be pretty but you can at least see if altering the screen some more or replacing it with a double bubble or similar will make more of a difference.