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Helmet Prices...how much would you spend?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by snake, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. Hi All,

    New to the forum...
    Just wanted to see what a general minimum price is for Helmets these days. I know the higher the price goes the more comfort there is but is there an improvement on safety?

    I recently saw an AGV Basic Black helmet that looks great and is only $170...Would it be worth spending an extra few hundread or will it only improve comfort?

  2. Probably a useless reply, but I think I need to get my post count up to start a new thread in for sale.

    I recently bought a new ( to me ) helmet, which was second hand. It was obviously quite new though, you can tell. Can be a good way to get one, heaps of people start riding, get scared or get told by their wifey they aren't allowed to anymore and sell their kit for cheap.

    I also looked it up on ebay and it was only about $180. It's a Shark S500. So cheap, but still a shark.

    I'd say the bigger price is more about comfort, but that helps safety too, because a better fit is going to help it stay on.
  3. Hi,

    As I understand it, as a minimum they have to be built to a certified standard to be sold (AS/NZS 1698).

    From there on up it's about value add and branding. This can take the form of extra features (functional and safety), additional comfort, styling etc.

    You can pay from a couple of hundred dollars up to over a thousand for a helmet. I paid about $650 for mine after some haggling.

    My take on it is that it's your head and brain and you only have 1 of each of those. They don't take well to being bashed against hard surfaces at even low speed. I'd probably to go somewhere in the middle at least and, as with anything, try it on and make sure it's comfortable, make sure you happy with the extra features and styling and then wear it with pride! :)

    Your budget is also a limiting factor also.
  4. I don't buy the whole $99 helmet for a $99 head argument, but there are some reasons to shell out a tad more for a decent helmet.

    Benefit of more expensive helmets tend to be lighter, which can help with long-term comfort, and their lining can be replaced/washed, which help extend the life of the helmet. Also things like reduction of noise levels, proper venting, etc tend to be better in higher level helmets.

    Safety wise, all the helmets have to go through a minimum safety standard, and up to date, every single article/test I've read dismisses the belief that more expensive helmets offer better protection than cheaper ones.

    Personally, I tend to spend upto mid-level price ranges ($300-$400), as I'm willing to spend a bit extra for the above-said benefits, but much above that, I find it to be for things that I don't really need.
  5. I'd like to see an ANCAP-style system for helmets.. Helmets ain't helmets and I want to know the safest ones and what price they are at.
  6. That would be interesting.

    I wonder how they would measure the effectiveness from a safety perspective?

    At the end of the day it doesn't take much to cause brain damage. ](*,)

  7. shark do it. someone will post a link. dont know how accurate it is though
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  9. Not sure about the minimum I would spend, but my current helmet is a Shark RSI ($500). It's so comfortable, I can wear it for 4 hours of riding and barely notice it.
  10. I am trying to make my own :)
  11. I spent $800 on my Shoei when I got it a couple of years back - still using it and its still comfortable to wear.

    They may all be the same, but personally I feel better on my bike knowing I've got a decent helmet protecting my head - I also believe you get what you pay for.
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    The classifieds are open only for paid members.
  13. My first Helmet was a shark, it cost about $300. Was big and bulky and heavy compared to the next helmet i bought. After a year it was sliding around on my head and wasnt as tight. Then I bought a good shoei and its been with me for years, still tight and comfy and way less wind noise.
    I also have a shoei hornet for offroading and its the best ive had so far.
    Worth the money to get something good, better for safety and comfort.
  14. I bought a NoLan N84

    I has the nice little dark visor that you slide up or down on top of the clear visor, so no need to pay extra for sunnies or cops giving you a hard time for wearing a dark visor at night.

    It was for $430, it feel comfortable has removable lining and came with a bunch of other accerories.
    But above all i loved the design.
  15. I prefer a fibreglass helmet, just my personal choice, in fact all our helmets are fibreglass. They are usually a bit more expensive than the plastic specials but I prefer the fit and feel. I have a Shoei open face for the Harley and a new model HJC FS15 Full Face that was about $350 for other bikes. Also have an HJC for the dirt bike, wife has an older HJC full face and my daughter will only wear an AGV (mad Rossi fan) on the road and has a Fox for the dirt. I have found the HJC a good helmet in the lower price range and if you don't want to shell out for an Arai or Shoei. A lot of their cheaper helmets are now plastic though. Plenty of good buys in the AGV range also.If you buy a 'special' from one of the various shops check the manufacture date as I found some very old (up to 7 years old!) when I was looking!
  16. I'm still on my first original helmet, a $550 Shoei.
    had it for a few years now, be looking for a replacement soon.
    I'd be happy to spend that money again, however I personally draw the line at paying a grand for some GP star's replica. a helmet being light, safe and with a good seal from road noise is what I'd be looking for for my money.
  17. I've had 3 helmets - the first - complete mistake! Second hand, not fit properly by a sales rep who actually ensures it's tight enough... $120.

    Second helmet was perfect, an HJC or something? Maybe a shark? It's completely mirror reflective, silver, and looks wicked, but too much wind noise. $300.

    Third? Blue Shark RSR2 and no wind noise, removable insides, lots of decent air vents, easily interchangable visors and looks great. $500.

    Never buy second hand, and if you want something cheaper, buy in Winter or end of financial year, or boxing day sales. (SALES SALES SALES!)

    Always bargain with the sales rep, the helmet says $500, ask for $400 and a pair of gloves. Chances are you'll get what you want.
  18. IMO the things to keep in mind,

    Buy the helmet that fits the best, regardless of brand or price.

    Quality of the fit will have more influence on the safety of the helmet than anything else.

    As mentioned, spending more doesn't necessarily buy you are "safer" helmet, it will however, more often than not, buy you a higher quality (more comfortable), better built, better featured (vents, removable padding, fog guards, graphics, whatever) helmet.
  19. My first helmet cost me $349 but I think after trying on some Shoei branded ones and seeing how much more comfortable and more vision was available for my next helmet I'd probably be inclined to spend somewhere from $400-700 for a helmet.
  20. You can spend between $100 and $1500 (or more) on a helmet. The most important thing (after checking that it meets AS1698) is that it fits YOUR head properly. As such, you may find that a $1500 helmet doesn't fit and isn't comfortable, whereas a $400 helmet fits perfectly.

    Generally the more expensive helmets are better quality, lighter, have better linings and have better ventilation. But all that counts for nothing if it doesn't fit.

    The best thing to do is try on as many different brands (and models within each brand) and buy the one that fits the best.

    Personally I wouldn't buy a second hand helmet, ever.