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helmet painting

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dgmeister, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. has anyone here painted their own helmet?

    spray painting or airbrushing? would be cool to do

    any links or advice?

    (you must NEVER get paint or solvent on the styrofoam part of the helmet)

    and an abstract

    painting outer helmet
    Use 320-grit sandpaper to prepare the helmet surface. Sand evenly until all the shine is removed. Paint only with acrylic enamels. Lacquer paints are not compatible and will weaken or destroy the shell. Do not allow any solvent or paint to come in contact with the inner shell.

    here is a bit of a guide: http://www.cyclespot.com/forums/showthread.php?t=291
  2. Nope. Because I can't see it when I'm wearing it.
  3. That's why I thought I'd paint the inside of my visor with something from the Sistine Chapel.
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  4. Nice. I've been thinking of painting an empty road on the inside of mine, for when I have to ride in heavy traffic.
  5. I painted mine black. Oh, wait, that was the manufacturer....
  6. helmet graphics are for westies
  7. Anyone???

    Yeah custom painting is really taboo
  8. fine grade sandpaper and 3 rattle cans
    1 plastic primer
    2 colour of choice
    3 clear sealer
  9. Why use paint at all.
  10. A coon helmet.
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  11. Wouldn't that look more like this?
  12. I am no expert but,

    I bought a Shoei helmet a few months ago. I flicked through the guide/handbook thing, and I remember a warning that was along the lines of "Don't paint your helmet or allow it to contact solvents ... ...but if you must paint your helmet you can contact the manufacturer for paint suitability advice"

    Maybe try writing to the manufacturer or your helmet? Ask what paint and preparation techniques are suitable? This might let you let you paint your helmet without compromising it's soundness.

    But I think I remember in AS1698 that there is a "make no modifications to the helmet" rule. So maybe, I'm not sure, if you had a crash...

    I agree with Unconnected here though, I think they do look westie. I like plain colours
  13. There is a guy that rides his motorcycle to uni that has this furry bright blue panda looking thing that slips over his helmet... no idea why he does this. Looks very much like a twat.

    Anyway, I think helmet painting would probably be about as sensible as buying a non-AS1698 helmet online in terms of police and insurance issues
  14. sheep
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  15. Yes, if you'd prefer that over coon.
  16. maybe my helmet is really colourful, and i want to paint it plain black!
    did you ever think of that?

    the design is irrelevant, i am asking about SPRAY PAINTING

    painting a helmet should not be rocket science, seeing as 99% of helmets are.
    (including every GP, SBK and F1 driver's helmets)

    i have bought spray enamel/sandpaper/tape
    just need a simple design...
    something like Ayrton Senna's helmet
  17. The process is a simple one,
    lightly sand to give the paint a surface to adhere too
    spray with plastic paint primer and allow to dry
    lightly sand and spray with plastic paint
    repeat until happy with job, 2 or 3 is normally good enough
    spray with clear sealer (repeat when dry)
    everything you need available on the shelf at Bunnings or Masters

    If you want to practice there are plenty of crappy old helmets available at junk sales or fleabay...

    and remember .. anything is possible with a little imagination :)