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Helmet on hot exhaust?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by offtrack, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. My bike has a helmet lock, but it means the helmet rests on the exhaust.

    The actual contact area is not much, but I just spent a fair bit on a new helmet, and don't want to wreck it. I wasn't so concerned about the old one.:)

    I put the pillion foot peg down, which reduces the contact a bit, but I wonder if anyone has any tips?

    Maybe a piece of material I can keep under the seat?

    How fragile is a fiberglass helmet? Do they withstand the heat of the exhaust?

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  2. I'm assuming you have a GPX (looks like it) from your pic? I've never even tried to use it the one on my GPX. The few times I'd leave the helmet on the bike I would just lock it around the front forks with a thick cable and padlock, and let it rest on the tank. I always assumed helmet + hot exhaust was a bad idea so :/
  3. Yes, a GPX. Well spotted!;)

    I'm pretty sure they measured the exact distance required, from the helmet buckle to the lock, and then subtracted 5cm!!!!:banghead: ;)
  4. When i rest my head on the hot exhaust I'm always thankfull I'm wearing a helmet.
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  5. Heat will destroy polystyrene very quickly.
  6. Buy a helmet hook. Goes on the bar end and you can use a padlock if needed. Seach helmet hook on ebay