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Helmet on a budget

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Zidago, May 10, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    I ride a Suzuki 250LC, a small bike that is ample for my needs until my P are finished. In which I finally get to ride the 1992 FXRS HD that has been handed down to me. Yay.

    Any way, my question is; I am in need of a new helmet. My preference is something matte black and closed face.
    I already have a OGK FF5 that has really given the more pricey Shoei helmets a run for their money. But thanks to some drunk family members, they managed to destroy it with the back of a hammer.

    So, I have a small budget and would really like some recommendations for what would be a great helmet in terms of safety while being matte black, closed and cheap.

    If anyone could also recommend a site that sells decent but cheap leather jackets under $200, not for safety but for looks, that would also be appreciated.


  2. ALDI helmets are very cheap and I liked mine, also comes is different colours......all you have to do is wait till they have their motorbike sale.

    ALDI gloves, jacket and pretty much everything motorbike related are also very cheap.
  3. Nitro is back in the market

    RJays are ok
  4. You can get sharks pretty cheap... Or you could last time I went looking at full face helmets.

    What ever you do, try lots on. Some will be mega uncomfortable, othes will be perfect. You won't know which is which until you wear them around the store for 15 minutes.
  5. Not sure where you are but there are some normally pretty good priced helmets upstairs at MCAS in Auburn.

    Bikers Gear also tends to have pretty decent priced stuff too. Jacket here for $199:

    Helmet here (but gloss) for $119:

    Maybe have a look at some of the sponsors pages too - seems to be plenty of sales at the moment - Think I saw a pair of kevlar jeans advertised on here for $89 which is pretty cheap considering.
  6. Thank you for that but the NT doesn't have any Aldi stores.

    Yep, checking them out now.

    Yep, checking them out too.
  7. Thanks, but in terms of jackets, I'm not looking for one made for riders, just general jackets for comfort and style and can wear it after out after riding. I'm thinking of one of these but they are too pricey:


    I like to feel pretty some times.
  8. General jackets won't give you much protection. Comfort and style don't count for much when you're sliding down the road
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  9. Cheap helmet? Hmm, how much is your life worth??
  10. A $100 full face helmet that is AS approved is probably equally good at saving your life as a $1000 helmet.

    The extra money gives you, primarily, lighter weight, more comfortable liners, better visors and associated mechanics, higher quality finish.

    I would not wear a $100 helmet, but only for the latter reasons - nothing to do with safety.
  11. goddie - that's not necessarily a valid line of thought.

    ALL helmets sold in Autralia have to meet certain minimum standards. Also any full face helmet is likely to offer superior protection to any open face helmet - and yet plenty of people choose to wear open face.

    While it's true that more expensive helmets MAY offer more protection than a less expensive one, the price is often more reflective of:

    Range of colour and graphics options available
    Complexity of design - eg number of vents, cooling channels, provision for bluetooth etc.
    Material used - kevlar, polycarbonate, fibreglass
    and, of course, $ for being a recognised and trendy "brand name"

    So in this case the OP really means cheap ($ wise) rather than cheap (quality wise).

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  12. OP you're dumb. get some more money and buy better gear.
  13. ^^^^ its just as easy as that isn't it?

    The OP asked for recomendations for cheap helmet, not 'is cheap OK' or 'whats the best helmet'

    I'm betting that most people on here do not wear the most expensive helmet on the market, yet the espouse that cheap is crap

    If we all bought the most expensive (as it must be better) there would be a lot more Bimota's out there and Hyosung would not exist.

    OP - try the M2R helmets, they're relatively cheap and not too bad....

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  14. Personally I favour HJC. In my experience they have a more quality "feel" to them than other helmets in the same price range. I also happen to have an HJC shaped head though. Can't remember if they do any of their range in matt or satin black.

    As for effectiveness, the Sharps testing in the UK has shown the old expensive = great, cheap = crap to be a bollocks generalisation, with a few cheapies gaining the highest available rating and some "quality" brands coming out as decidedly mediocre.

    Doesn't seem to stop some folk continuing to believe in the power of magical runes but hey. It's their wallet and their head.
  15. So you're after a cheap helmet (That's fine there's good helmets for not much money out there).. and cheap stylish gear that offers no protection so you can look nice when you're on or off your bike.

    Hm....cheap and looking good is not going to protect your skin when you slide down the road.

    Good luck.
  16. If your budget runs to the price of the jacket in your link, consider having a hunt around online for some of the leather suppliers from the US. You might very well be able to find something similar that is intended for on-bike use for a comparable price.

    Unlike some of the young whippersnappers here, though, some of us did a lot of riding in gear that would scare the pants off the current generation and we survived OK, if slightly more battered at times than we need have been. Wear what you want.
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  17. SportBikeTrackGear.com

    here for the jackets.

    you can get helmets from here too, just remember that they wont have the aus standards crap on them so its not legal for the road. if you're willing to risk getting in trouble then go for it.

    i got a kbc vr2r for a bit more than $200 in aus, its a great lid for the $$. haven't crash tested it yet though.

    dont let the haters get to you.
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  19. Thank you all for your replies.
    I should have mentioned that I already own a riding jacket.
    I had spent about $1000 on both the jacket and helmet.
    I still use the jacket when I ride (with an open face Nolan helm from my girlfriends scooter), but like I mentioned, I also want something decent if I'm making social calls.
    In truth, any jacket should be better than the t-shirts most people ride with.

    To all those who only eat caviar:
    a great helmet in terms of safety while being matte black, closed and cheap.

    Those are the specifications I asked for and stick to. I would rather the best in terms of safety while also being able to afford it. But thank you for your concerns for my safety.

    I have been looking through everyone's recommendations, all fantastic (maybe not Aldi), and am yet to make up my mind.
  20. Mate, a $50 full face helmet off eBay will be far, far safer than any open face helmet.
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