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Helmet noise Shoei XR-1100

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Cthulhu, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. Just curious I was on the highway on the weekend and at times coming into a pretty stern breeze, I found that over 120kmph there was a sudden and significant increase in noise. I run my helmet with all vents open( mouth, two top head, four rear vents) I tried shutting all front vents and it made no difference, I noticed on my first group run a lot of people use either mp3 players or earplugs.

    So the question is, if anyone else has this helmet is it a noisy one is there a way to quite things down or is it earplug time?

  2. I've only got a cheap helmet at the moment, but I was also going to make a thread asking how many people wear earplugs/headphones.

    Anywhere over 90km/h is loud with mine. I've read the articles saying that those noise levels are dangerous, but I don't usually ride for more than 20 mins. Do many people actually bother blocking their ears?
  3. Yes. Wear them. Now.
  4. Agree, wear them.
    I use a mp3 player with noise reducing earphones for any trips longer than 20-30 min....
    May as well hear music.
  5. I bought the soundmagic pl50 on recommendation from another thread.

    They're brilliant I did a 900km trip yesterday and my ears were only very slightly feeling sore afterwards, compared to aching like a mf with standard iPod headphones.

    Great noise reduction too.
  6. If you want music, use an mp3 player with noise reducing headphones as stated in the post.

    If not, wear earplugs. I tried several earplugs, finding the Hearos Rock n Roll series to be the most comportable without giving me the fish bowl effect other plugs did. I can hear enough of the road and music coming from my BT helmet speakers without feeling completely isolated.

    I find my Shoei XR1100 to be noisier than my previous Icon Alliance SSR...go figure...
  7. i find sharks have the best helmets for lack of noise...
  8. I've got a box of these:



    They work great and are quite comfortable. (good for lawn mowing too)

    You can buy them individually if you want to try them out. Any work gear shop should stock 'em.
  9. Ask or look in this thread cheers

  10. I just bought DIY Ear Plugs, cheap, off fleabay. I hope they work, because the ones pictured above don't fit well for me and yes I am rolling them and inserting them properly.
  11. I've got the same helmet. It DOES do it if you haven't sealed the front visor properly. Once it's closed give it a good squeeze down with the tab and it should seal the visor with the rubber lining. If you don't do this you'll have a high pitched whistle noise.

    Once it's sealed though it's quiet... Not sure how it compares to others though as the only other I've had before was a shit box RXT one which was louder even with earplugs in than the Shoei is without.
  12. If the visor is noisy you need to adjust the base plate (common with XR1100).
    I find it to be no noisier or quiter than any other high end helmet. Noise is dependant on many things, Is the bike a naked? Are you tall or short? Is the fairing directing wind to a position that creates noise? I have had a few helmets in the last 3 years including XR1100 Arai Corsair V and an Arai Vector and there was not a big differance between them. I ride a naked bike so no helmet is going to be quiet. Any well vented helmet will have noise.
  13. thanks, engaging the visor lock does reduce noise considerably. I still think I'll use ear plugs at high speed ;)
  14. I have had the xr-1100 for a year now.

    Adjusting the base plates is step #1 getting them right is very important to noise seal it.

    Once I got mine adjusted it is VERY quiet inside even without using the visor lock.

    As far as music goes, I put one of these in


    sits in the ear wells, and whilst not great quality , for background music it works a treat.
    as well as GPS directions, and the occasional phone call (incoming auto answer).

    oh yeah , as well as bike to bike communications.
  15. BMW boasts that their SportIntegral helmets are the quietest on the market, and at 100kph they're still booming away at about 85dB(a).

    (That's the sound limit for industrial noise exposure for 8 hours in Australia, incidentally.)

    Most helmets are 90-100dB(a) at freeway speeds... or 4x to 64x louder. And that's on a naked bike with no turbulance from the fairings/windshield. Turbulance from the bike/cars/trees/buildings will make it worse. Increased speed will be worse.

    If your hearing is noticably dulled, or you have 'ringing in the ears' or physical discomfort in the ears from the noise after a long ride, you have done (and are doing) some permanent damage to your hearing which will never be recovered, ever.
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  17. Everybody still wondering whether to earplug or not, re-read Spots' thread above.
  18. That's odd. My brother and I were talking about noise and Shark helmets not too long ago. He's got an older RSI. I've got an RSR2. We were both lamenting how noisy they were at higher speeds, but really, neither of us have had much to compare them to, so your in a better position to judge. I think they're great helmets (esp the RSR2 for airflow - it's got a BIG front intake and I tend to shut it for anything over 90km/h as it tends to hook the helmet up and back a little, which is not a good feeling). He was looking to replace his RSI (now 5yrs old) and was looking for something equivalent, but less noisy. He's OS at the mo, so don't know what he's gonna opt for.

    The RSR2 also makes a loud (and very annoying) whistle when I'm travelling at 60+ with the visor fully up. Sounds like when you've got a car window not wound up fully. Not a big issue, but I tend to have to angle my head down a little to prevent it. Prob. wouldn't be an issue for those of you on bikes with more aggressive riding positions. Anyone else have a helmet that does this?
  19. I bought this helmet recently and it makes this whistling sound. Very annoying as its a really good helmet otherwise. I taped over the top air vent and it’s a bit better.
  20. Spend some time on adjusting the visor mounting plates and the whistling will stop.