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NSW Helmet mods intercom

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Gejun, Sep 28, 2015.

  1. Hello. I bought a sena so I can hear the gps on my phone.I've read on other threads that its ok if your phone is in your pocket, but what if I mount my phone on the bike, will i get pulled over by cops?

  2. Sure get pulled over but am i breaking any laws?
  3. If you don't hold a full licence then your not even allowed the headset I'm pretty sure. If you do then looking at it should be fine but not using it.
  4. I can't think of any reason why having your phone mounted on your bike would be illegal. A commercial mount to the bike would be the same as a commercial mount in a car - and it's explicit legal in a car (the only legal way to use your phone). I know plenty of people who use RAM mounts to mount their phones, GPS's, etc. They work well.

    As udluv2udluv2 mentioned - for non-full license holders it may be illegal to use bluetooth to use your phone though. But I haven't seen any evidence to say that intercom, GPS instructions or music (all available via your headset) would be illegal. Just talking on the phone.
  5. I already have a phone mount but when using the gps, i have to look down for directions and I cant hear the alerts for speed cams and stuff like that.

    So i cant install them until i get my full license? Wow thats in 2 years..
  6. Sorry Gejun no can do with resricted Lic, even listening to music on the phone. GPS is OK and iPod OK I believe. Reg was posted here somewhere.
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  8. Are you a learner?
  9. Yes, just over a month on the saddle..
  10. No phone for you while you are riding. You can use a GPS, but not a phone.

  11. But is it ok to connect it to a bluetooth speaker for helmets like sena for example?
  12. As I read it, you can't use the headset at all.
  13. NO PHONE. You CAN NOT use a PHONE at all while you are riding/driving. Period, full stop.

  14. Well thats too bad.
  15. Yeah i meant with GPS since you said GPS' is ok.
    But others said no senas so... Thanks anyways
  16. Yeah i meant with GPS since you said GPS' is ok.
    But others said no senas so... Thanks anyways
  17. You'd have to check, but I'm pretty sure you can use a stand alone GPS, providing it can't be used as a phone.
  18. As b12mick said, no phones or any of their functions but any other device is fine (GPS or iPod via bluetooth, earphones, mounted on the bars, etc).

    Unlike the Car P2 licence, us youngins need to wait for fulls before being able to have the phone mounted or connected via bluetooth. The law is pretty clear in this regard.

    One may be able to argue an old phone without a sim in it would be exempt but this is a bit of a grey zone.