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Helmet Manufacture Date

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by lukestuart1, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. Hey guys.

    I was at Sydney City Motorcycles on the weekend and saw that they have the Shark RSF3 for $199.
    I am looking for a new helmet and though that this seemed pretty good.

    But i had a look in the helmet and the manufacture date was early 2009.
    Is this a problem that the helmet is over 2 years old or will these be fine and wont be much different to a recently manufactured helmet.

  2. I know and I hate it.

    Last time I bought a helmet (and I'm in the market for another too) I got the shop to bring out a few of the same helmet in my size. With 4 different helmets to choose from the date of manufacture ranged 18 months from oldest to youngest.

    I've also found the supposed discount places to have the oldest helmets.
  3. uhm... bump.

    So will a helmet that has been sitting on the shelf for 2 years be fine or should i avoid these?
  4. generally the lifespan is 5 years max - however that is 5 years of use where the eps liner slowly degrades due to contaminants

    In having said that though different helmets react differently to different contaminants and degrade at different rates

    The helmet should be okay if it was a unit that was in a box on a shelf out the back and never saw daylight.
  5. Thanks for that Takamii.
    I might give it a miss then, try and look for something that has been more recently manufactured.

    Any good reviews on the AGV K3 or K4 out there
  6. As a newbie, this has been a revelation to me. I bought my gear about 4 weeks ago, from a shop than knew I was a learner. I got a Shoei TZ-R helmet which was on special - initially I thought Shoei would be out of my price range, so was pleased (and I do like the helmet).

    They assured me that the reason it was reduced was that it was an older model, and that everything else was fine, it just had different features to newer models. Not once did they say the fact it had been manufactured in March 2009 was an issue in terms of a 5 year "shelf life". In fact, I recollect them saying a helmet can last 10 years from the date you start wearing it, assuming it receives no whacks.

    Lying b*stards. Hills Motorcycles at Castle Hill.
  7. Just an update on this.

    Is mentioned I've been out looking for a new lid.

    Ended up with a new Arai Corsair V Doohan TT replica.

    Manufacture date on this July 2011. I'm now thinking that they must do a run of ADR compliant (with the labels and stickers) helmets in a certain design for our market and then no more until their sold out when they either do another run or bin the design.

    So if your out shopping and are a bit anal about when your lids made, look for the latest designs when shopping.