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Helmet making me feel ill

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ringspanner, Jul 16, 2015.

  1. Had to share this,
    Earlier this year I bought a new helmet, an AGV K3 SV, really liked the features for the price A$300. On a ride one day a few months back I started to feel queezy, I thought, ah winters comming, must be the flu and disregarded the notion.
    I then started noticing the feelings of dizziness, feeling like fainting and being sick with each ride. Did some searching around the forums to find other riders with helmet problems. I was pissed off, I really like this helmet and was disappointed that it was making me feel ill.
    I tried washing the lining to soften it up a bit to stop the feelings but nothing changed, still had the same uncomfortable feelings.
    Talked to a mate about it and he suggested it could be the visor distorting the image.
    Went out today for my morning trip to the bakery for breaky, it was a bit dark but the roads were dry for the first time in a fortnight and I needed my fix so I didn't use the drop down tinted visor, just the clear main one.
    Well knock my down with a feather and call me polly waffle, no dizziness, feeling faint or sick.
    So sunnies inside the helmet it is.

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  2. Visor distortion makes sense - I get a similar sensation if I use the wrong product, like Scotts Visor anti fog spray, on my glasses.
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  3. Oi, polly waffle.

    (That's just to prove i read all your post)
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  4. Well I'll be a monkey's uncle if that ain't the darndest thing I ever done read.
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  5. could be the pressure of the helmet on the tumor
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  6. Hi RobinRobin, I also have an AGV K3 Rossi 46 helmet.

    I get migraine headaches. I initially found that there was a pressure-point in the lining over my right eyebrow that could start to trigger a migraine after about one hours' ride. With some adjustment of the liner I largely resolved that issue.

    I have a habit of head-butting door frames of 4WD vehicles when I get into them and snapped a third pair of sunglasses about three months ago doing this. I bought a replacement pair of polarised sunglasses and thought no more of it until a couple of days later when I pulled my helmet on to go for a ride wearing the new sunglasses.

    Down went the visor and BAM! I was suddenly having a vivid LSD trip flashback from the Sixties (I wasn't born then but we can gloss over that detail for the purpose of this post). Talk about Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds - the sky was now swathes of purple and pink, the road asphalt was pale green and the grass and trees were some lovely shades of blue!

    Up went the visor and the world returned to normal. I think it is just the sunglasses polarisation coupled with the UV treatment of the visor causing this effect but I've tried riding with it and it makes me feel ill too. Riding with just the clear visor, like for you, is fine.
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  7. Unclip the inner tinted visor and have a good look at it, mine is optically perfect as far as I can see and has never caused a problem.
    If it is distorted you should be able to get AGV to replace it.
    Same helmet, I love it.
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  8. I rarely can go on amusement park rides, aircraft, boats and be a passenger in a car without getting motion sickness.

    So it makes sense to me. I can feel queezy when driving/riding past those transparent barriers alongside motorways if I look through them - its actually making me feel a little ill just thinking about it.

    Yet, I wore my sons AGV K3 and liked it - especially the lens not fogging up, I was actually thinkin about getting one myself.:confused:

    I wonder if there is a problem with your particular lens?
  9. not color blind ???
  10. Great Odin's ravens!!
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  11. This brought back such memories :) ... although I'm uncertain of the date =D
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  12. Yes I am colour blind - its there some correlation?
  13. PWuntitled.

    Bring back the polly waffle
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  14. Technically I think they are called flashbacks, not memories ;)
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  15. I bow to greater experience =D
  16. And I would bow back but I'd probably fall over
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  17. Yes but all in the name of science...well that was my excuse anyway... :woot:
  18. Ah yes the price we pay for learning
  19. My flashbacks are called mamories. Went out again yesterday with just the sunnies, Oakley poleroid jobbies, never tried the inner visor down as well, to be sure, well I was around for the lsd thing but while riding, probably look like Mad max vs wog boys