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Helmet locks

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by samsy8, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. Hi all just wondering if anyone can give me some advice on helmet locks as I'd like to lock my helmet to my bike, I understand there are many different styles and I would like to hear your comments about them. Cheers

  2. do you have helmet hooks under your pillion seat?
  3. My bike is without a helmet hook. An I got one of the helmet locks linked above. V handy. I hang the helmet on the Mirror and lock it to the mirror stalk.

    Of course was to get
    Off if they want it badly.

    Truth be told I rarely Bother to lock it at all except at shopping centers.

  4. yer i have helmet hooks but they look fairly crap.
  5. Never seen that helmet lock thing before... good idea, needs to be plastic/rubber coated though to prevent scratching.
    The helmet hooks are the easiest though, use mine all the time and saves carrying anything else.
  6. I have the one from the link above $20.00 it is metal so could scratch but works ok .

    having said that I have only used it once in 12 months just use the one under the seat .
  7. Nice idea I havn't seen these before.
    If you are worried about these scratching your bike, you could always get a small amount of heat shrink tubing and slide it over the body of the lock then all of the body except for the latch would be rubber coated. Problem solved. :)
  8. I got a combination travel lock from Bunnings, 2 for $9. They have a 3 digit combination and a plastic covered cable about 6cm long.
  9. do u guys just lock in through the metal part of your helmet strap or put a chain through the whole chin? im worried that people can cut the straps with scissors
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  10. You can get a helmey hook that's integral to the bike.

    The easiest way to do this is to sell your bike and buy a GSX1400.
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  11. Not going to be much good to them with cut strap is it?

    Most helmet thefts are a result of opportunism. If someone is going to go to the effort of cutting the strap they will probably cut a lock, or pinch the whole bike.
  12. but a strap can be cut with scissors or anything really and the idiots that steal them probably arent bright enough to care
    it happened to one of my old mans helmets years ago
  13. It might happen, but probably pretty rare. Cutting the strap renders the helmet pretty much useless...unless they are capable of re-attaching a new strap.
  14. I thread the lock through the D-Ring, I can leave the helmet straps threaded through the D-Ring as well. If people cut the straps you're making the helmet useless anyway.
  15. just get a thin cable lock, like one you would use for bicycle but thinner (ive seen them used at uni and such to stop people stealing computer screens etc) and loop it through the chin bar of the helmet.

    If your helmet doesn't have a chin bar then its probably for the best that it gets stolen and you buy a new helmet.
  16. This is more or less what I do, I use a bicycle lock with a long cable (and has a plastic padding / coating so I don't scratch anything). I rest the helmet flush against the pillion footpeg and loop the lock through the chin bar and secure it through a hook under the seat of my VTR250. That explanation was probably as clear as mud.

    My bike is supposed to have some inbuilt helmet lock thing but a wire that's necessary to this never came with my bike.
  17. I'd be more concerned about someone peeing in it. Maybe I just know the wrong people...
  18. Oh. my. god. who in the world would pee in a helm..... oh, never mind
  19. The same people that do bad things to public BBQ's. Unfortunately I know a few of them.