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Helmet lock

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Mr Messy, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. Did a search and couldnt find much in the first few pages of results...

    Anyone have an aftermarket helmet lock on their bike that they would recommend to me? Got a link? :D.

    I didnt have a problem leaving my old helmet in my RJays bag on the rack when it was a $100 RXT... but now its a $700 Arai RX-Q... im a little less inclined to leave it on the bike unsecured.
    Though theres not a whole lot of pedestrian traffic through where i park the bike besides people who work on this site... but that doesnt mean i trust them either :p.

    Ive thought about just getting a padded cable and looping it around the chin plate but id rather something that doesnt leave it sitting in the dirt, but rather more safely hanging from the bike.

    Ta in advance!

    (Maybe something will pop up in similar threads after i post :D).
  2. Onya mate.
    Yeah the helmetlok looks like it might be on to something.
    Not much point me getting the bag as i have an undercover spot i can park even if its between the big boss' cars :p.
  3. Went ahead and ordered 2. See how it goes :).
  4. Hey Messy, your pic is a ZZR, the 250 has a clip under the seat, and the bigger models have one under the pillion I think. I bought a retractable cable padlock with a combination from Bunnings, I have even threaded the cable through the sleeves of my jacket and left it on the bike.
  5. Hey pace, thanks mate.
    I did suss out that clip but it left my helmet a little close to the hot exhaust then i was happy with... and unfortunately its also right where the strap for my seat cover goes :p.
  6. This may be a silly question but why would you leave your helmet with your bike. Even if it's locked to the bike some low life could be tempted to mess around with it.

    In a worse case scenario and they manage to get through the lock to steal the helmet where does that leave you? Can't ride the bike home unless you have a spare one and someone to get it to you.

    Is it really worth the risk? or am I just paranoid??
  7. I have two bags i carry out on the crew change boat and onboard the dredges as it is... the helmet becomes rather inconvenient on top of all that.

    It will be less of an issue in 6 weeks when one of the knobs on land buggers off and i get his work ute.