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helmet lock keys?????

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jeffatav, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. I've picked up another bike and it came with a locked helmet lock with no keys.

    Has anybody had to re key the lock or how did they go about it?

    I just don't feel safe just leaving the lid strapped to the lock.

    Thanks in advance

  2. You don't really need to helmet lock to work do you? take the helmet with you.
  3. One more Jeff??? So three now huh? :roll: :roll:

  4. so no locksmith can help you with a key?
  5. Nah mate, it's the TTR I am talking about, you and your brand new Kwaka KLR, ya bastard! :rofl:
  6. every bike i've owned, the key to open the helmet lock is the same key you use to start the bike.
  7. your lucky,

    my cruiser uses a different key to the fuel and lock, and most of the other bikes I've had had a seperate ignition key than the other function keys.
  8. Have they all been second hand bikes, cos they may have had different barrels replaced at one time or another, I'm with edgelett here, they should be the same :?
  9. Yeah you are right, all secondhand.

    Never thought about it that way.
  10. On the Spud there are two keys, ignition and fuel tank/seat/helmet lock. I assume by design.
  11. please excuse my ignorance, but WTF is a helmet lock?
  12. It's a small padlock that comes with your bike that you loop onto your helmet strap to fasten the helmet beneath your chin. They are a legal requirement in all states.
  13. It is the spot where you lock your helmet onto the bike (usually at the back fender on the left) so you don't have to carry your helmet around with you.
  14. Awww, you're no fun!
  15. hmm never heard of that, i'll have too see if I have one, if I did i'd probably know by now, cheers
  16. whilst on the subject of helmet locks, does anyone know how to lock up a helmet on a GPX 250 without burning it from the exhaust pipes of the bike?

    I find it hard to believe that an engineering feat like the GPX, which they haven't changed mechanically for almost a decade, has such a simple flaw as poutting the helmet lock right above a burning hot pipe :shock: .

    Hopefully i just don't know how to do it properly and a kind NR will teach me :p
  17. C'mon mate, ya gotta ease up on the ill informed and besides, we posted almost at the same time (but you were quicker on the draw) and I would have definately gone along with the gag.
    I could tell some great stories about gags I have pulled on 1st year apprentices (best one was searching for a population tool) but this is the wrong thread for that.

  18. my BF was a panel beater.
    so i've heard some hillarious stories about sending people for a "long weight", asking them to get a tin of "welding sparks"

    the best gag he pulled involved a rat in a box, which he told someone was a "squeeky part"
  19. I have started an "apprentice stories" thread in off topic and can't wait to see what comes up :LOL:
  20. If I remove the seat (via lock) on the RF I'm presented with two :!: Aint Suzies clever? :idea: