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Helmet lifespan?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Motobecane51, Sep 6, 2015.

  1. Hello fellow riders

    I have a 2 year old Nolan helmet and the paint is starting to come out with a few signs of wear and tear.

    Can you please tell me how long does a helmet last, assuming no accident ?

    Because there is plastic on the modern helmets I suppose that degrades with time.....


  2. Depends on how much wear and tear it has had. Not a good sign that paint is coming off. Have you been leaving it out in the sun all day every day? That can shorten the life of the shell.
  3. I was told not to use one if it's 5 years or older, but I'd replace earlier than that, especially if there is visible wear.
    Can never be too soon to get a new helmet, but it can be too late.
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  4. Motobecane51Motobecane51

    Here's a thread from a few weeks ago.
    When to replace helmet? | Netrider - Australia's Best Motorcycle Community

    An earlier thread
    Helmet lifespan? | Netrider - Australia's Best Motorcycle Community

    Further info
    New Helmet, Old Date | Netrider - Australia's Best Motorcycle Community

    The above threads should give some info on expected lifespan but IMO unless you've been storing your skid lid in the sun you shouldn't be seeing paint fade/damage from a mid range brand such as Nolan.
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  5. The Snell Foundation recommends replacing every five years or so, both because of the degradation of the helmet and to take advantage of improvements in helmet technology.

    Personally, I'm a bit slack with maintaining my linings so 3 years is about the time the stank starts to become offensive.
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  6. After around the 3-5 mark its claimed the oils in skin can begin to compromise the inner shell as-well as compress the cushioning. If you ride every day then I'd replace around the 3 year mark or 5ish if you ride only the occasional weekend.

    I replace mine when the visor is beyond polishing, inner linings start to wear and it generally smells. A quality brandname helmet will last longer than a $70 no-name one.

    2 years seems quick though for a Nolan, could you take some pics by any chance?
  7. Bahahahaha Snell; know for it's way too rigid shell demands and foolish methodology talking about new technology, fcuking wow I am amused.
  8. Is it two years since you bought it or two years since the date of manufacture, which will be written inside.
  9. if you have a composite helmet, one drop and you can throw it in the bin.
    If paint is coming off, it could have cracked the fibreglass shell in a fall.
    I see people drop their helmets after resting them on seats at servos and stuff all the time.

    If you have been rough with your helmet, that paint is coming off, chances are it's rooted anyway and time for a new one.
  10. 3-5 years I believe. Depends on the quality of the helmet too. Nolan is a reputable brand. My AGV lasted probably good 3 years till I ate the pavement at Lukey Hights :)
  11. Depends a lot on the what kind of impact it is, if the helmet is empty and it falls off your bike, it is still good. At least that is what I have learned from Arai. But if you crash and hit your head on the pavement, it is no longer good.
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  12. Not if it's a fiberglass/carbon helmet!
    Plastic helmets can that that punishment, they just bounce like a ball.
    Composite helmets are designed to break the shell like a hard boiled egg to absorb the impact and so the helmet doesn't bounce with your head still in it.
    If you drop a composite helmet from the seat height on a hard surface, it's trash, even if it looks good.
  13. Its the Nolan N20 open face.

    I bought it 2 years ago and I believe it is fresh stock as MCAS (the shop) needed to get more stock from Nolan.

    My helmet has never been dropped on hard surface but have had a few gentle knock over time because I store it upside down with other motorcycle stuff in a big box. I is always kept indoor when not in use, away from direct sunlight.

    I believe it is made with some plastic material/composite. The paint on it also is some kinda plastic coating.

    I am wondering whether those gentle knocks could have caused the peeling?

    I will try to take some pictures soon.


  14. They recommend replacing your helmet every 3 to 5 years, depending on how it is holding up. That is assuming you haven't dropped it or been involved in an accident. IF you drop it or had an accident where the helmet impacted with something, then replace it immediately. I tend to replace the helmet when the padding has compressed to the point that the helmet feels loose. I had an Rjays that I replaced after 18 months. I had an Aldi special (Torque) that I replaced after 10 months, and now have and AGV K4 that is two years old and still going strong. As for stinkyness, I wash the liners at the first sign of smell, so they stay fresh.
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  15. You should replace your helmet every 5 years.

    I just checked my helmet. fcuk. It's 8 years old. But the first few years of it's life was spent in a helmet cover in a wardrobe. If the bank account allows, it will be replaced this pay or maybe next.
  16. i can only imagine the pong!! lol!
  17. I'd be surprised if a 1m drop off a seat trashes any helmet's shell - that's just the weight of the empty helmet onto a flat surface. These things are required to pass testing of being dropped onto an anvil with at least a 3kg headform inside them up to speeds in the order of 25km/h.

    But I'm happy to stand corrected.
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  18. The liner gets washed a couple of times a year........
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  19. Has any research been done anywhere on the performance of helmets with a couple of years wear on them?