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Helmet Life

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by vic, Jul 11, 2006.

  1. Does anyone have any real fact on how long a helmet should live its life as a helmet before it is retired for a life as a pot plant?

  2. No one has done real studies into helmet lifespan - generally 2-4 years according to the manufacturers (but they have an inherent bias in that they really really want you to replace it frequently :? )

    There's been some studies into damage (generally they are OK if they hit the ground without your head in :wink: ) but not much into longevity. If it's not been worn for a long period then there shouldn't be any compression of the liner and if it's kept inside you won't get UV deterioration of the shell so an older helmet that's not been worn much shouldbe OK.

    If there's marks around the rivets or hinges on a fibreglass helmet it's time to replace it - a polycarbonate I don't know. Similarly if the liner is brittle or flaky it needs to be tossed too.

    By the way, if you're looking for a new helmet try here :p :p :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  3. Does the austrlain helmet standard get updated at all, if so I would assume that the updated standard could potentially not be legal.

    But from my own experience, I have to replace a helmet at least once a year but thats nothing to do with wearing out.

  4. :rofl: idiot :)

    The helmet I have is a number of years old. I was checking it out the other day and found that the lining of the helmet is starting to show signs of minor tearing in certain spots.

    The foam padding does not feel brittle, and when pressed still compresses.

    I know that the manufacturers would like to claim a 2-4 year life span, it's in their best interest to. It's not something that people would be doing every couple of years as some of these helmets cost close to the $1000 mark.

    The shell, well, that's pretty much irrelevant, its only there to protect the foam from the elements and to play its role as a substrate for pretty/flashy graphics.

    I think I've had this helmet for 7 years, I might start looking at getting a new one.
  5. I thought you were going to ask what sort of life does a helmet have...
    becaause that is easy...
    The same as a young lady...
    All the boys want to stick there head in it and take it for a ride.
  6. Of course it does depend on the amount of use it gets.

    I usually go by the condition of the straps. By the time they are starting to look a bit frayed, its time for a change.

    I find that about the same time the helmet usually starts to feel a little loose, as the lining flattens down.
    around 3-4 years for me.
  7. 5 year helmet life is what many safety standards orgs recommend based on property degradation of the foam used in the lining, helmet technology advances, look :roll: and stench. :grin:

    However, I feel the 5 year span is on the safe side of things. 6 to 7 years should be okay for folks who wash the lining in pH neutral detergents and don't wear their helmet much.

    Minor tearing is one of early signs of brittleness in polymers. :shock:

    7 years old from the date of manufacture? It's about time to replace it.

    Happy shopping!
  8. I assume you mean it's the cloth that shows minor tearing - not the actual foam liner?

    may just be OK after 7 years (since you had time off the road) but I wouldn't be inclined to risk it. :roll:

    Keep it for pillioning people you don't like :LOL: :LOL:

    (I was saving that helmet site for groberts but you gave me such an opening I couldn't resist :LOL: :LOL: )
  9. Yeah, the stitching is coming apart on the liner nowhere else.

    It had a 2 year break, and it still looks the businees, as I said the foam still feels like it has a lot of compression left in it.

    But yeah, I think it's time for a new one though. Shame I have an Arai head, those bastards are expensive :(
  10. i replace mine around every six months. that's about how long it takes for me to get bored of the current graphics and want shiny new colours on my lid. :p

    :( it's expensive being a :jerk:
  11. Hey all,
    I replace my helmet 2 to 3 years,
    the hemlemt get very sweaty most of the year in Bris,
    so tend to get a bit of a wrong smell after a few years of life.
    Next helmet, will have removable and washable liner.
  12. Australia post has standards set in place to replace there helmuts every 4 years I know this might not mean alot to your question but they do run to oh and s guidelines pretty well and insist if they are dropped to be replaced nothing to do with anything but the foam inside dont know if this helps you at all but it makes sense
  13. Chris, I wear a thin cotton balaclava under my helmet and this prevents most of the scalp oils soiling the liner.

    Even after 7 years, my liner is relatively clean as opposed to the Shoei helmet that I had where I didn't wear a balaclava, the lining is dirty but not smelly at least.
  14. Yah I'd start looking around to replace it Vic, at 7 years it's still offering protection, but probably not as much as when it was new.
  15. Cheers.

    As for Auspost being OH&S concious :rofl: there is a posty that works in this area who wears a turbin under his helmet, if he came off then the helmet would do the same.
  16. Thats funny little does he know if he came off or got hit he wouldn't be covered by workers comp becasue he would have been shown how to use it properly and he is not .... bugger how uncomfortable
  17. As posted elsewhere, I'm in the market for a new lid. I've used the "it's getting too old" argument to convince the Minister of Finance to release funds for a new one.

    Spent all of today at the various bike shops in the area looking at lids. From cheap HJCs to a $1,200 Arai. The best fit was a mid-level Arai (so too was the expensive one, but I'm not gettting one of them). Shoei came next, but felt a bit weird, like it wasn't deep enough or something.

    The cheaper ones were the most uncomfortable.

    I'm s'posed to be going to MEL this week. I've located a dealer of OGKs in Braeside that I'll visit, to check the new FF4 Venom out. Failing that, I'll probably go with an Arai.
  18. The OGK's look like a nice lid.

    Will have to suss them out I think
  19. According to Moto National, the Oz distributor, Moto Jet in Braeside and Sharptune in Dandy flog 'em.

    Now, I've spent an hour "justf-inggooglingit" looking for Arais online. I cannot find who the Australian distributor is, nor can I find any websites online that flog 'em. Sorry, I found ONE, but it's 2 years out of date and it doesn't have any prices, anyway.

    It's darned frustrating, I can tell ya.