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Helmet life question

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ferkel, Apr 19, 2016.

  1. I am looking at buying a new lid. The helmet is in good condition and has never been dropped, but the foam padding is showing the very first signs of perishing (the usual issue with helmets after enduring a few sweaty summers etc.. and I've used my helmet to carry beers etc.. which is probably not a good idea). My current lid is a Shoei XR1000, which I've owned for 4 years. The helmet I owned before that was also an XR1000 and I owned that for about 6 years and the foam padding was pretty much knackered. I was wondering, is there is recommended replacement interval for helmets ?. How many years do people replace their helmets on this forum ?

    Cheers J

  2. You seem to have got a good run out of it.
    The normal suggestion is 3-5 years depending on how often its used,

    Overtime the foam compresses, oils from hair/skin break down materials, visors get scratched up by stones and helmet technology as a whole moves on.
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  3. Don't be a ferkel, go and get yourself a new one!
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  4. Ok ! :)

    Before my Shoei's, I used to get cheap helmets and they would last a year in the tropics (I lived in Darwin then). The helmets were totalled after a year of sweating in them. Helmets last a long time in colder climates.
  5. I understand that it would be near impossible to keep a helmet fresh smelling when riding in the wet season in the tropics. Even here in Brisbane's modest climate I rotate between 3 helmets for that reason.
  6. Sorry to hijack this thread but can anyone suggest what a good cheap-mid range helmet would be, I currently have a $130 Rjays helmet that I bought when I first got my L's last year, still going great and I assumed being built to Australian Standard, it should still serve it's purpose if needed. But it doesn't have the greatest noise reduction and I assume for the price it's a little heavier than some of the decent higher priced brands. I just don't have the budget to spend a lot so don't want to break the bank but still want to know I'm as safe as can be!
  7. Do you use ear plugs?
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  8. No but not keen on them because I think that would reduce my hearing senses a little more, I'd like to know what's going on around me and hear as much as I can. I bought my helmet from AMX and I was advised these cheaper helmets were known for more wind noise but figured I'm just learning and riding around the city and would be fine at that price to get me going. The wind noise is not that bad, it doesn't bother me that much, the safety of the helmet is my first concern anyway. This is my first helmet so I don't really know how good it is compared to a more reputable one.
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  9. All helmets are noisy some are louder then others.
    My 750.00 bell star carbon is bloody noisy.
    So don't think the more you spend the quieter the helmet is because you'll be wrong!
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  10. That's good to know, As I said, it doesn't bother me that much, I just wasn't sure if it was the norm. Now I'm just wondering about the safety of it!
  11. Ear plugs are to keep your hearing safe so try them out...
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  12. on the topic of ear plugs now my helmet foam has moulded and compressed since new, the noise is horendous. Even at 60 with the wind I feel like my ear drums will burst. I did 150km on the highway and it was almost unbearable. Might go invest in some.
  13. Just buy the standard ones from Coles or Woolies. I use a brand called Macks from Woolies and they're pretty good.
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  14. Mate, just get some earplugs so that you don't do permanent damage to your hearing. Its not replaceable once you lose it!
    That wind noise in your helmet is loud enough to deafen at the legal highway limit.
    Lots of old bikers who are deaf as a post can attest to this!
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  15. The worst thing is whistle. This is caused by protrusions on the helmet because the helmet designer was feeling creative one day. My first XR1000 had a small handle on the left right side of the helmet that aided opening the visor. It only stuck out 5mm but would cause a whistle that would make my left ear stone deaf after a 2+ hour ride and would take a few days for that ear to repair. I cut the handle off with a Stanley knife. No more problem.
  16. I have lost 7dB (5dB is enough for an industrial claim) in 18 months, the ONLY high noise level I am exposed to is the wind rush on my helmet... :). Wearing ear plugs from now on.
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  17. I have an agv k3 sv (the one with the sun visor so you don't need sunglasses.)
    About $300 and its as good as my $1000 shoei.
    I think theres a cheaper version without the internal visor for about $250

    AGV K3 Helmet - Solid

    If you get the SV version the sun visor that comes with it isnt very dark. I bought a darker one for about $70.
  18. with earplugs in, your ears do become more sensitive to sound, so you can still hear what goes on, but you don't get deafened by the high volume whistle.
    ie, it's all quieter, so your brain compensates, rather than blowing out your ear hair thingies..

    for $30-40, you can get a box of 200 pairs.. and then change them regularly
    trick is to find what earplugs fit your ears.....

    same for helmet, have to find which brands fit your noggin, then choose price... so try them all on :)
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