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helmet leaving a mark

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by spongesam, Mar 4, 2006.

  1. hey guys

    just started getting out a bit more on the bike... since i actually have one to call my own :)

    just my forhead is getting a nice red mark on it... in the middle of my forhead...

    i don't really have a massive forehead/receding hairline... but the helmet does rest on my fore(head)skin... *ahem*...

    should i be lubing up my forehead before riding? or just once the my helmet gets worn in it'll go away?

  2. A good fitting helmet should be snug in all places around your head?

    Maybe you're an underdeveloped unicorn?

    Sensitive skin?
  3. if it is comfortable while riding, its ok, you probably have a sensitive forehead skin. :p

    otherwise you got the wrong helmet. :roll:

    how many did you try on before paying for that one?
  4. you can try using the back of a spoon to softly push in some of the foam on the inside of the helmut. Might need to remove the lining for that. Dont squash away at it... just a bit to see if the new fit stops the red mark your getting.

  5. It could be too small or perhaps the wrong shape for your head. Often a new helmet will feel a bit tight after a long wear but eventually conforms to your head. The trick is that it shouldn't have to do a lot of conforming when you buy it, rather it should fit properly to begin with. If it's leaving lines on your forehead then it's too tight in that spot. It may get better with time or it may not. Too tight is better than too lose from a safety point of view, as long as the helmet comes down onto your head. If you can't get your noggon all the way in, it's basicly useless to you.

    What sort of helmet is it? Many of the cheap helmets just have thin fabric between the foam and your head. This makes them lass comfortable than a helmet with thick padding and would leave the marks you describe if it doesn't fit perfectly. :)
  6. How 'bout a skull cap? Helps with hygene/sweat..smell
  7. it's a shark RSR helmet... vents all over the joint! :p hehe...

    i actually thing it might just be sensitive skin... i mean... sometimes when i squeeze even the smallest of pimples i end up with a big welt where i squeezed it... (regardless of wehre it is... face arms legs... groin... *aheM*)

    i'll see... the helmet is ridiculoulsy comfortable, and its not too small or anything
  8. Yep. U should always lube up the foreskin on ya forehead beforehand.
    Too much friction can cause probs wif ya sensitive skin, which U R now
    experiencing. :grin:
  9. haha :LOL:
  10. How new is the helmet??, Mine left red marks on my cheeks for the first week and eventually the helmet just moulded to the shape of my head and the red marks wen't away.
  11. well sorry but most likely its not the right shape helmet for your head. where did you get it from and how old is it. did you try on shit loads of helmets. Hope you didnt just get the one that looked good.. :oops:
  12. I find my helmet leaves marks after a long ride but its not uncomfortable at all. If its causing discomfort it may just be you've got the wrong shaped helmet.
  13. i got it from peter stevens and i tried on heaps before i found a really comfy one...

    either way, it's a small sacrifice to wearing it...

    actually now that i think about it, it could also be my hair kind of irritating my forehead too... maybe i should tie my hair up before putting it on

    i'll see my results this afternoon :)
  14. hair tied back still leaves a mark...

    i need to get my emo fringe back... then no one will notice...

    maybe on the ride home i'll put my hair across my forehead... see what happens