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Helmet laws in Au.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Askal, Mar 5, 2006.

  1. Are full face helmets required in Australia? I usually ride with one but like to carry a 1/2 shell for when it is hot. Be there in 3 weeks!
    Thanks Al USA

  2. Hi Askal,

    Both Full face and half face are legal in Aus, however they are required to meet Australian Standards, which may be a problem if you are planning to bring your own.

    You might be better off hiring or buying a helmet when you get here so that it definatley has the Aus Standards sticker on it. Or take your chances getting caught with a non Aus standards helmet.

    Does anyone know the penalty for this?
  3. or...

    does anyone know where askal can get a sticker from? j/k j/k...

    can you get helmets that are of a particular name brand certified?
  4. Realistically, what are the chances of his helmet being checked down here.
  5. that said, whats a australian helmet cost in US dollars ?? Might save you the trouble of lugging it around.

    When are you coming ?? <reads post again> 3 weeks </reads post again>
    Where are you coming to ??

    Will you make friday night coffee while here ??
  6. the non-complianced helmet charge is the same as not wearing one at all.

    When we get pulled over here and they run the fine toothed comb over the bike/license etc i've yet to see anyone have their hat checked.

    They must automatically think that if you have a hat on, you must have bought it here. YMMV but chances are much better than even that you'll get away with it. Whether or not you choose to break the local law however is a matter for you alone.
  7. Yeah, I'd recommend buying one here. Firstly you might run into hassles trying to bring it over ie, they won't let you take it as carry on luggage (something to do with terrorism or something), I'm pretty sure there's actually a thread discussing this somewhere, so if you do bring it it'll have to be in you stowed luggage. Do YOU trust baggage handlers not to destroy it?

    Nitro or M2R both make decent (not great) full and open face for around the $100 mark. In fact I think I got my M2R open face for about $80 from this website:


  8. Very likely - especially if it's bike cop who pulls you over.

    Most helmets have the sticker on the outside so they don't bother with a formal helmet check. If they don't see the sticker then they will ask (if they remember :LOL: )

    I can name you at least six people I know of who've been checked because the cop couldn't see the AS sticker on the outside.
  9. Yeah they'd only ask you if they can't see it I'd imagine.

    The silver sticker stands out like dog's testicles on most helmets.
  10. I got pulled over in Lorne a month back and the cop checked licence and helmet...
  11. I also reckon that if our new friend Askal does get pulled over, and once the cops identify him as a visiting US rider, they'll prolly go over EVERYTHING with a fine tooth comb...

    Better to be safe than sorry I reckon...