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N/A | National Helmet Laws Aus(replacement parts)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by aussieak, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. OK I have an Arai Vector Helmet 4 months old and the chinstrap is fraying a bit from rubbing on the Velcro of my jacket.

    My instructions show that I can remove and replace thechinstraps and it shows me how to do it. I thought perfect get new straps beall safe again. Rock up to PS to inquire about price and availability only tobe told it’s not allowed to be sold and I need get a new helmet?(apparentlyfrom Arai )

    Does anyone know the ins and outs of this?
    I really don’t want to get a new helmet just for chin strap issues with my jacket I could be replacing helmets every 4 months.
    Please can we keep the smart comments out like buy a newjacket get a better brand helmet and alike.

    Thanks in advance
  2. my suggestion would be to get it replaced under warranty (if able)
  3. To remove the chin strap generally means removing the eps liner - this makes the helmet unserviceable
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    Well PS asked about that so now that's void already

  5. If the instructions say you can easily replace the straps then I'd take the helmet elsewhere or contact Arai. Look into a replacement under warranty first - maybe not through PS.
    If this will be an ongoing problem you might need some sort of cover over the straps to prevent wear of them.
  6. I'd order some online from somewhere and replace them.

    It may be that this counts under the ADR regs as a modification, which makes the AS approval null and void because the "modified" helmet has not been tested. It's a pen-pusher type thing. The dealer might have their hands tied because of this.
  7. not modified as the equipment is OEM - each helmet is not tested for certification only random batches
  8. How can it be a modification if you replace original straps with replacement straps designed specifically for that purpose?
    I'd say that, if the straps really can be easily replaced, the dealer is just either ignorant of that fact for that particular helmet or trying to get money for a new one - probably the first since it seems straps usually can't be easily replaced.
  9. You should contact Arai and discuss it with them. You should also look in to some sort of prevention as previously mentioned.
  10. i would take his word for it.
    have never tried to replace straps on a helmet myself, but if you can't do it without interfering with the eps liner, then you need a new helmet.
    it's the liner that makes the helmet withstand a blow. any damage to that and it won't. that's why they are a one drop item. will not withstand a blow with a damaged liner. the outer shell means nothing.
  11. If you have used the helmet as-per manufacturer's guidelines/instructions, doesn't this fall under "unfit for its intended purpose" and covered by the national "Consumer Guarantee"? The "Consumer Guarantee" applies if the item (under $40k and not whole or part business use) bought on or after 01 Jan '11, prior to that you need to lean on the statutory implied conditions and warranties under the Trade Practices Act 1974 and state or territory legislation.

    If you can't legally change the chin strap (and I'm assuming Takamii is right as he's in the business), I'd be taking it up directly with Aria if PS won't intervene. Four months and frayed isn't what I'd call robust unless you've lined the collar of your jacket with razor blades or sandpaper.

    Anyway, that's my suggestion - contact Aria in the first instance and Vic's Consumer Affairs if that fails.
  12. Actually, with one (small exception / correction) the above post would be my advice.

    "I'd be taking it up directly with Aria if PS won't intervene."
    In some cases the supplier (PS in this case) can be liable as well.

    If the goods were used correctly, and still failed, the manufacturer arguably owes you a repair / replacement.
  13. Agreed with Tramp
  14. Modification on helmet is not allowed. Speak to Aria. Complain about the build quality of the strap. Tell them that you have had issues ever since you bought the helmet, like build quality was poor and blah blah blah..they will replace it under warranty..
  15. Arai. Aria is the Australian Recording Industry Association. They won't help.
  16. I'd also "mention" that PS wouldn't help resolve the issue........
  17. I'd love to know what kind of gear damaged the strap, those things are pretty tough...

    I'd be removing what ever it was *right away* mate. Sounds bad for your health.