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Helmet Issues

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gags, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. Hi All,
    I have been having issues with my helmet (on the 3rd one now). The issue is after riding for a 30mins or so my right ear starts hurting so much that i cannot ride without stopping and taking my helmet off and then waing for aout 10 minutes before continuing again. I have has 3 helmets from KBC, HJC and now ARAI but same problems. I do wear glasses and have even tried without them by using contacts but same problems. Someone suggested trying on a european brand to see if that helps but i don't want to spend more money before asking your opnion. Seems thats something is pressing on it but just cannot get me finger on the issue. Hoping someone else would have come across the same issue and can suggest something.

  2. I had the same problem with my new helmet, an AGV Stealth. Main problem was that this helmet does not have ear pockets , and whilst new , was pressing hard against my ears.
    After nearly 2 months and several thousand kilometres, the padding is wearing in to the stage that it doesn't hurt to wear for a period of time.
    You might just have to wait till your helmet wears in , instead of getting different helmets thinking that each one has a problem.
  3. The obvious question is: What's different about your

    Also, some helmet padding around the ear can get folded up if you just slip the helmet on. This can apply some undue pressure I suppose.
    Although most helmets don't really apply pressure to the ear as such, more around it.
    Maybe you gotta wiggle the helmet abit just after slipping it on.

    It could be a medical problem, you could have cancer on your right ear 7 there could be a large bump there.​
  4. As silly as it seems, sometimes I have put my helmet on without settling it in and folded my ear but it is not until I take the helmet off that I notice. This might be a cause. Kev.
  5. My right ear is bit longer. I have tried wiggling the helmet everytime i put it on. Although on one occasion or so i felt allright and had no issues with a coupe of hours of riding. Maybe it is something i have to live with until the helmet wears in since i am not a regular rider as some. Is is possible to put newspaper or semthing else to lossen it up?
  6. You could always go Chopper Read style, cut your ears off. Helmet won't hurt them then. :LOL:
  7. What part of your ear hurts?
  8. Flexible frame glasses (those really thin ultra bendy metal frame ones) can help reduce this problem.
  9. Your ears will get used to it after a while. I have the same helmet as grange (luckily not the same head :p ) and it took a couple of weeks for my ears and the helmet to find the happy medium. If all else fails just tape your head like a rugby prop before putting it on.
  10. You could search about or ask a dealer for someone who could remove part of the foam and re-stich the inner padding.

    (just check first that it does not hinder safety too much)

  11. Luckily my head is better looking, and not showing its age as much as yours :LOL: :LOL:
  12. I've done this, once and once only. The stupid thing was, I knew I'd done it but couldn't be bothered to take my lid off again, a decision I regretted quite strongly an hour later when i finally did :shock: .
  13. thats because i use mine grange. :LOL:
  14. I think you should take a page from the book of Chopper Read and just cut off your ears
  15. which bit hurts? inside your ears drums? or outside on the skin bit whatever its called. id try taping it till the helmet wears in a bit or pay a visit to the doc
  16. I'll do it for ya, just get me one of Patb's smaller hammers!
  17. Three helmets and you still got the wrong fit? It's about time you ask someone in the store to help you. Ask two things - is this the right size? Is this the right shape?

    Finish with which glove first.
  18. try SHOEI helmets.. they have cavities for your ears!... they fit me the best!
  19. RIGHT EAR???? same!!!

    My right ear always fold and hurt, i just stick my finger in and unfold them. Are right ears bigger than left or something?
  20. That's one of the reasons I always wear a thin cotton balaclava - keeps ears tucked in against head, so no probs.