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Helmet interior cloth repair

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Climbatize, Aug 11, 2009.

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  1. Hey guys,

    Purchased a AGV Argon helmet off fleebay and it's pretty knackered inside. Just wondering if anyone can steer me towards a shop that puts new inserts into helmets. If you know a round about figure for how much it will cost this would also be appreciated.

  2. Anyone? I'm sure there are places that do this kind of thing.

  3. FYi, helmets dont last forever, the foam degrades. Sunlight, rain, sweat, etc. If its old/worn enough for the velvet to be buggered, replace it. If its in good nick and just a rip, buggered if i know who fixes it :p
  4. Oh and contact retailers, you can order replacement pads/sizes for shoei etc, no idea about your brand
  5. Personally I would kiss the money goodbye and a lesson learned.
    The helmet sounds like it's shagged if al the interior is buggered like the way you described.
    Best to purchase a new helmet.
  6. As Smee said, buying of ebay, how would you have known that it would fit even....

    If you wanted a cheap helmet as such, many retailers sell what I would call an entry level helmet for probably not much more than you would have paid for a shagged helmet....
  7. Liq, i'm guessing you are illiterate or stupid. Otherwise, please do as most others do and read before you post. The brand is AGV, as stated.

    Smee, I did not ask for a complete analysis on the helmet. I was asking if anyone knew of a place that could replace the inside. Which, from what I can see, you did not provide.

    grange, how would you know what I paid? I paid 10 dollars AU for the helmet and would be happy paying another 50-100 to get the cloth repaired. I have 'an entry level helmet' already.

    Just a question, if you don't have anything positive to contribute to the OP then why bother. I think twice about posting questions on this site for this very f*cking reason.
  8. Petulant little thing aren't you?
    You throw out a question and don't get the answers you like then spit the dummy.
    The helmet is shagged and you should get another simple.
  9. This is a forum, people will always give input on threads.

    Considering it's a $10 helmet that is deteriorating, probably 2nd and old, going to a shop and paying for the cheapest helmet you can find would have been a much smarter move.

    TLDR - no i don't know where you can get it done and I think you have a nice plant pot.
  10. Deteriorating.. too late. Actually, it's not all that bad. There are no rips what-so-ever.. it's just uncomfortable and dirty.

    Geeth, can you please advise me where they sell AGV helmets for $10.00?

    smee, I was asking a suggestion for a shop that did these kind of things. Could you please re-phrase your answer to one that more slightly fits the answer I was seeking, such as; NO, there are no shops that do these kind of repairs.

  11. What a complete and utter display of childishness. You don't deserve an answer. Locked
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.