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Helmet insurance debarcle

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by koma, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. Ok, this is getting rather frustrating and ive spent the last 45 minutes on the phone to a couple of different insurers to attempt to get a straight answer on this one. As you may be aware i was knocked off my bike at a standstill this morning damaging my bike, my jacket and helmet. The damage to my bike isnt overly extensive but the total bill looks scary enough, and my jacket has an extra scuff or two on it that im happy enough to leave as a battlescar... BUT my helmet hit the ground with enough force with my head in it and im not one to be taking chances - ESPECIALLY as this incident was not my fault.

    So... the other party (at fault) has Third Party insurance which is a good thing, but i'm trying to find out if that policy covers damage to my gear as a result of their stupidity, or if i'll be left high and dry and having to chase it through my own legal avenues.
    I'm sure theres a few people out there that have been knocked off their bikes, so what happened with your helmet and gear?

  2. can't offer any advice I'm afraid...just wanted to say hope you and the bike are ok and sorry to hear about about your accident :)
  3. All your gear is covered.

    Are you insured. If you are, you pass the other persons details to your company and let them chase it. If you are not, or have 3rd party, simply get on the phone to the other parties insurers and let them know you are will be sending them a quote for replacement clothing. They will probably want the items assessed and then send you a cheque for replacement.

    Note: A general principle of insurance is that you do not gain out of a claim. So, if you damaged a creaky old jacket that had open tears all over it, was 5yrs old and due for replacement, you're not going to get a new Tiger Angel all weather replacement. Obviously there are exceptions, but this is ageneral principle.

    It really shouldn't be a problem, but rather than get a 1001 different answers, just do one of the actions above and let us know.

    +1 to Roughcactus...Bummer about the accident and hope you are ok.
  4. As long as your helmet looks damaged (ie. scratched, dented) 3rd party property of the other person will cover it.

    There aren't really any 'Helmet Repairers' now, are there?
    If it's not marked... go street bowling :)
  5. When I got HIT insurance would have replaced my helmet had there been a need to. When I fell off, I paid for it..
  6. Cheers Cejay & Cactus. :)
    Aside from a sore ankle i'm alright. The FZR took a little bit of a beating though.
    I'll let you guys know how it all goes... hoping for a quick resolution.