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helmet in luggage?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by techno, May 16, 2006.

  1. Ok here is my question. I will be flying to Melb next month and plan to bring my riding gear as I would like to test ride a few potentials for my next bike.

    Do I put my helmet in my check in luggage and risk it being knocked around by the ground crew or do I simply freak out the other passengers and wear it on the plane?

    I don't have an expensive helmet but I am careful about it getting rough handling as I want it to do its job and save my head in a crash?

    Am I just being precious? I'm sure those Motogp guys have a special box to store their in when they fly!
  2. carry on luggage.. its the only way...
  3. When we flew to new Zealand for our bike tour, we carried our helmets on as hand luggage. We bought cheap, helmet carry bags ( from Andy Starpz i think..$20..) and simply carried them with us, on board. They fit into the overhead compartments fine.
    Others on our tour told us the airport staff gave them grief about theirs, but they might have been too obvious...at least in a carry bag, they were inconspicuous,,( spelling?) We also didn't have much else with us as carry on..just one small backpack..
    No way was I going to check my helmet..have you sen the way they hurl the bags around?? Baggage Handlers?? Not much handling from what I've seen!! Ha ha :)
  4. Definately carry on. Just flew from Melb to Cairns today with my lid (much warmer here!! :p ). Airport staff generally don't give you too much grief. I usually have a pack as carry on aswell and haven't been stopped. Even the x-ray guys are usually pretty gentle with them too. A helmet bag definatley keeps it protected from getting the visor scratched up.
  5. Do you think the baggage handler give a stuff about your head? All they know is that all that stuff has to get on the plane and quick or they get in trouble. You may as well leave it under the care of drunked ADHD monkeys for all the concern that'll be given to it. :wink:

    Carry it with you. :)
  6. I've seen a few people around the departure lounge carrying only their helmets.
  7. Carry on.

    Use the bag the helmet came in.

    I wore full leathers, including back protector on a flight from Sydney to Melbourne recently.

    Had to take off jacket & back protector to put through the scanner though.
  8. Yeah I'm just going to wear it on then. Can never be too safe. Full leathers might to close to overkill though.
  9. Sorry i had to ask.....why??
  10. Give me your bike, leathers and helmet. I'll take it off your hands.....
  11. Have you ever seen how much room a full set of riding gear takes up? Would near fill a suitcase on its own. I did the same thing on my trip around New Zealand. Way easier to wear than try & pack & wonder what to do with a suitcase for a month whilst you are touring on your bike :LOL: :LOL: You carry your helmet though :roll:
  12. For christ sake......your Tasmanian, wear one and carry the other, :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Kaer wore his full kit cause he was flying to Melb from syd to pick up his Bee Em. he was riding it home the same day so that was the best option. he really didnt need any other gear.
  14. Stuff the plane jump on the spirit and bring bike and helmet :LOL: :LOL:

    Nobby he doesnt have two heads mate cause they remove them at birth now cause all you mainlanders where getting jealous that all the SMART people where living in tassie and making all you guys on the mainland feel stupid :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. Sorry but I gotta add this :wink:

    Cant you test ride one of the 5 bikes at bikeworks or the 4-7 at horizon :LOL: :LOL:

    Couldnt help myself, although Ive been told they are a couple on elizabeth st now :wink:
  16. I always carry my helmet on with me :)
  17. i was just searching for this thread when i ended up on this one.

    ..did anyone else think that if your plane was taken over my terrorists having a helmet onboard would be sweeeet, you could chuck it on and head butt them to oblivion. \:D/

    ...sorry, i have an overactice imagination and to much time on my hands, i'm off for a ride in the sun!

  18. Techno, I took my gear with me to Gladstone 2 weeks ago. Helmet in helmet bag and a backpack with all my other stuff. Put it in the overhead locker no worries. It wouldn't fit in the locker in the small twin prop plane from Bris to Gladstone tho. Carry your jacket if it takes up too much room in your luggage.
  19. Bastard :) NOT fair. :(
  20. Just to bring some sense of closure......

    I ended up carrying the helmet onboard although in one of those helmet bags they come in. Fitted in the overhead locker without and problems. It was my only carry on luggage.

    Only problem was trying to carry the helmet and the rest of my luggage at the same time, just a bit awkward.

    At least I know where my helmet had been rather than being thrown around with the rest of the luggage.