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Helmet improvements - share your fixes here!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by robsalvv, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. I recently bought a Shark RSX helmet. It's very comfy and has heaps of technical/safety wizadry built in, but in standard config, it's overly windy inside.

    The antifog breathe mask has to be installed all the time... which helps, but the biggest improvement was the velcro'd material flap I added that reduces the space under the chin back to the neck.

    The next thing to do is deal with the blasted visor leakage... on a cold night, the leakage causes dry eye big time.

    I can see that the visor doesn't seal properly against the rubber seal - so I'm toying with using silastic to build up visor thickness in the seal area... or build up the rubber seal... but that could get messy.

    Any other suggestions?

    And while you're at it... why not share any other home helmet improvements you have made.



  2. Buy a Shoei?
  3. I'm still waiting for a helmet with visor-wipers...

    Oh, and a hole for your ciggie, like in that chupa-chups ad...
  4. Selley's All Clear :p
  5. hmmm i know it's a different model, but ihave a rsf2 and mine seals fine, and very little wind noise, but maybe you could try the stuff they use for door seals (in houses), you might be able to run a thin strip around the bottom of the visor to seal it
  6. I found that with my spare helmet too (Nitro or something). the AVG is
    much much better, and more comfy too, and doesnt blow around in the wind.
  7. Like one of those door snakes? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Need alot of gaff to hold that on at 140k...
  8. Stewy, I thought about the weather strip stuff - haven't tried it yet though as the gaps are business card thickness sized gaps... so the weather seals are probably too thick... still, worth a try.

    ... lol @ scooter. I tried a few Shoei's on... they just weren't a comfy or as well priced as the Shark....


  9. nah it's actually a stick typ eof stuff, use it to also stop screen doors banging close
  10. LOL @ Pete... with my luck, the snake would wrap around my neck!...
  11. You'd save money on a neckwarmer though... :LOL:
  12. You can score yourself some part time work as an exotic dancer!
  13. On most helmets you can adjust the bits that mount your visor to the helmet at the sides.

    Failing that Clarke Rubber sell strips of stick on rubber of varying thickness and width, you could get a bit the right size and stick it on your helmet where it's supposed to seal with the visor.
  14. more details please :)

    I didnt know you could do that...
  15. Loosen the screws that hold the side plate thingy onto your helmet and you should be able to get a bit of movement, then re tighten and see what happens. It can be a bit fiddly as a little bit of movement seems to make a lot of difference. But I managed to get mine sealed up pretty much perfect after a few beers and a fair bit of swearing.

    Heres a photo of what i mean.
  16. Interesting. I might try that tomorrow. Too dark to do it now!!!

    Don't like the snake idea, but!
  17. Yeah me too, I have a Shark helmet that I use occasionally that is prone to fogging, don't you hate that?
    I have to ride around with the visor partially cracked to keep it clear, so if I can adjust it so that there is a slight gap problem will be solved.
    Fresh air never hurt anyone, well not much .