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Helmet Hygiene

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by FOB, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. Any ideas how I can keep my helmet smelling sweet & not sweaty? Presently I use air freshener products, but there must be something better out there.

  2. I read in a magazine today Johnsons baby shampoo is perfect for washing helmet liner in
  3. Wear a thin cotton balaclava on your head to avoid hair, or in my case scalp oils, from soiling your helmet liner.
  4. FOB, please confirm which one you are talking about, in case undii and vic appear to make no sense (wouldn't THAT be a first? :p ) :shock:
  5. I've thought about those fabric deodorisers, "fabrese" I think is the name of one. Has anybody used them? Do they work?
  6. Remember whatever you use will be next to your scalp so don't use anything not designed for that.
  7. Don't sneeze in it like I did today. Damn cold. :evil:
  8. Wash your hair on regular basis :D
  9. a few drops of eucylipus oils in the liner , not to strong though
  10. The shit you spray in the liner, will be the shit you're inhaling.
    so dont put things in there like febreeze.

    Dod odod do ododo dod dodo dodod o
  11. If you have to clean it, buy one of those cylindrical toilet brushes and use it to gently clean the helmet - submerge in wool mix and warm water and rotate.
  12. Throw it in the dish washer :p

  13. I would have thought at least one on here would have told you they had theirs dry cleaned
  14. I have mine dry cleaned! I get a special deal when I drop in my Helmet, boots and my fluffy G-string all at once :LOL: .
  15. Thanks for those who responded with positive advice, ignored the comments from the smart asses & dick heads. Riding in the tropics is great but after a while you end up with a sweaty, smelly helmet (forget deodourants) I am presently experimenting by soakiing with hair shampoo then hosing the helmet out and swabbing the lining with white vinegar. So far so good.
  16. FOB i would not be soaking a helmet in anything, you may be ruining the very thing that will need to perform as its manufacturer intended during an off. You need to purchase a second helmet to be able to alternate between them as smelly boots/gloves/helmet/leathers is simply bacteria, to avoid this you should after use kill any bacteria, then let item dry. so if you want to ride again use your second helmet while your first gets treated and dries off.
    i did a 400+km ride yesterday, when home i sprayed all my gear with the pressure pac eucalyptus oil, easy to use and most supermarkets stock it, then i put my gear in a well ventilated area until dry. now if i was to ride today i would wear my second helmet/gloves/boots etc..
  17. I liked the idea about using eucalyptus oil... great for those of you with colds... hehe Seanus! 8-[

    Actually eucalyptus is a good deodoriser. Could mix some essential oil (not too much!) with water and use a spray bottle that gives a fine spray so you don't soak the liner.
  18. Tried the deodorant trick but this does not remove the crud or the smell where the shampoo seems to work. I will try the eucalyptus next time in place of the vinegar. Thanks again
  19. ahhahahaaha.....you are not serious??!!

    Any step-by-step illustrated guide? Please post up.... :p :p
  20. The more expensive helmets have removable liners so you should be able to hand wash them and put them back in the helmet.