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Helmet hurts jaws

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by keladonic, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone, i've gone on two rides so far on my bike (both trips around 45mins long).

    I find each time that the pressure of the cheek pads will gradually become unbearable over time on my cheeks/jaws until it becomes painful.

    When i bought the helmet from Peter Stevens, the bloke there spent a long time trying on different helmets with me as my cheeks are quite skinny and most helmets don't grip them to prevent sideways rotation. The Arai vector seemed to be the perfect fit.

    but i'm concerned about the jaw pressure that i'm experiencing, do i just need to break in the helmet with more wear time? or is it not a correct fit?
  2. After a while the padding will break in a bit. If the pressure is unbearable then maybe try getting cheek pads from a smaller size helmet?
  3. I chew gum when I ride... Sometimes I clench my jaw (stress related), ..So I started chewing gum when i started riding as I noticed the same clenched jaw/cheek pad thing happening...On the rare occasion I ride without chewing gum it feels weird, and I notice the cheek pad pressure more...
    So I have fresh breath, clean teeth and apparently people who chew gum lose kilos without even trying...winning all around :D
  4. It will wear in, you've only worn it twice which isn't a long time. Also being cold at the moment, you're probably not sweating much, if at all. Sweat can break down the padding quicker which means it'll wear in faster...but it will also mean you may need to get new pads sooner as well.
  5. Just spend an hour or so squeezing the cheek pads whilst watching TV or something similar at home. This should soften them up a bit.

    If this doesn't work then your other option is to buy a seperate (thinner) cheek pad thickness (most Arais have replaceable cheek pads which come in different sizes). Just look on the internet.
  6. Ask your GP about retro-phrenology.
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  7. Sometimes the best lids you'll ever had will be the ones that took a while to 'bed in'
    Good luck
  8. phew that's reassuring, i'll just keep at it then :p

    hahaha, i actually googled it. first link that came up was an uncyclopedia article. took me a couple of seconds to realize it wasn't wikipedia. ](*,)
  9. How's the jaw going?
  10. not sure, it still gets sore after 40 or so minutes. been on 4 rides now including the saturday learner's session (VIC). I've been stopping and removing my helmet when the soreness comes on just to take a quick break, it's not quite as unbearable as it was initially.

    I'm planning on wearing it around the house next weekend and see if it gets better.
  11. +1 - I do the same...

    An old trick from cycling....

    When I used to spin hard on the push-bike I tended to clench my teeth...
    I found that when I was pushing hard on the MOTO I would also clench...

    Long story short - keeping the jaw mobile with a bit of chewy = problem solved.
  12. Has anyone ever seriously bit their chin while riding?

    Even though I haven't done it before, I definitely can see that happening if I go a bit quick over a bump... Hence, I almost always consciously clench my teeth and push my chins out of the way while riding...
  13. Better a tight fit then a loose one, hmm now where have I heard that before, hmmm, lemme think, this gettin old stuff can be a bother at times like this...
    Might have to get back to you on that one, but keep at it, you'll enjoy it eventually, now thats another lline I hear somewhere too, now where was that? hmmm
  14. I think you mean cheeks? I don't see how it's possible to bite your chin...
  15. five minutes later and I'm still :rofl:

    seriously though, try chewing gum...
  16. Years ago I had a helmet which was comfortable in the shop and on shorter or slower rides. Then, the first time I spent several hours on the motorway, I found that the wind blast pushed it back far enough to apply pressure to my chin, forcing my lower jaw back like an orthodontal device to reduce underbite, resulting in very painful jaw hinges.

    Unfortunately I couldn't afford a replacement at the time so I just had to live with it.
  17. Ya hahaha no idea where that came from... :roll:
  18. Good move! Just remember to take it off if you have to go to the bank!
  19. the arai vector is a great helmet but for me the pressure was around my ear / earing after a ride. you just need to break it in and it will serve you well
  20. Thanks, i'll give the chewy a shot this weekend.

    I realized after the saturday learner's session that my rear tyre is leaking air. need to get it fixed grrrrrrr.