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Helmet horror stories.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Kamikaze_Kawasaki, Apr 9, 2005.

  1. Being a new rider I am such a klutz when it comes to my helmet.....

    Story 1 - The day I was getting my one & only bike delivered I put on all my gear and was making vroom vroom noises around the house (to my wife's disgust) as I waited & waited. Anyway of all places to remove your helmet in the house where do you think I went to remove it? If you said under a door frame you would be right, I lifted it off my head & WHACK into the architrave. Of course I have a black helmet & the door frames are painted white so I have a nice white mark on my helmet.

    Story 2 - I went into a shop so off came the helmet, sunnies & gloves which I shoved into the helmet to use to carry them around in. At the counter I went to put the helmet down onto the ground as I needed two hands to pay for my items. I had a dilemma, do I put the helmeut on the ground right side up & have everything fall out or do I put it on the ground upside down? I chose the upside down option and of course the floor of the shop was concrete so a few more scratches have been added.

    Story 3 - On the way home I had to stop & get petrol, I put the helmet with my gloves tucked inside on the ground next to the bike (with the neck opening towards the ground this time). Anyway I filled up & spilt some petrol over my petrol tank & fairing as I withdrew the nozzle. My immediate reaction was to grab the Jerry can & rinse the petrol off so I don't ruin my paintwork. Where do you think the water splashed off the petrol tank went? That right over the helmet & the puddle, yep went and got absorbed by the lining of the helmet.

    Anyone else as unco as me or am I the lucky one? Come on, share your stories.......

  2. :LOL: Bwaahaaa keep 'em comin' they're brilliant....bwaaha
  3. Use the straps to hang the helmet on the mirrors.if you are filling with petrol.
    Use the straps and keep them tied to keep gloves and sunnies from falling out.
    Don't remove helmet from under the door frame (or in my case under the garage door)
  4. PMSL @ you Bucks. How funny!!

    :D :D
  5. I'd like to but it would seem that you really do have a problem. :LOL:

    Oh, alright then...

    Many years ago I had a lovely black RF800 that, despite being the better part of 3 years old, was still in 'as new' condition - yes I'm _that_ anal. I was wheeling the bike out of the garage of a place we'd just moved into, to wash it, and had brought my helmet down for the post wash run around the block. Not wanting to leave it on the ground I placed it atop the garage tilt-a-door.

    Washing, washing, washing... When I'd finished and was suitably proud of my achievements I decided to run upstairs to retrieve my gear for a quick blat. Now as it took some time to make it up to the 30th floor, I wasn't comfortable leaving the garage door open in my dodgy neighbourhood. So, I hit the garage door's remote control and headed towards the building's foyer only to be horrified to hear a soul destroying bang about 5 seconds later! :oops:

    I had to bin that one and I'm afraid to say it still keeps me up at night.
  6. To be honest, I can't remember any of my emabrrassing helmet stories in detail, but I do remember scuffing it, bumping it, getting it stuck on my handlebars amongst other silly things, all within the first few months of my riding career... but now having been riding for 5 years I don't remember doing anything silly to it for years now.

    I think it is like a gangly teenager who hasn';t worked out where their limbs are yet. You get used to it and stop bumping into things after a while :D

    But in the meantime - keep the stories rolling in - they're hilarious!!! :p :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  7. :( wish i had read this first... we have a tilt door too, only that in the middle of our garage is this big iron beam. Yep the ears got squashed, removed helmet, bang, a couple of nice scratches on the top :(
  8. I had a couple of stories I posted a while ago, may as well give them a second airing. The first one happened to a mate of mine in Ireland who was on the lash in a Dublin city centre pub. He locks his GSX600R to a lamp post on a main street and puts the chain through the face hole of his full face helmet locking it around the lamp post as well. The next morning he returns to collect the bike and helmet, and he discovers that during the night someone had done a jobbie in his helmet. Can you imagine some pissed punter with his tweeds down sat on a shoei.

    Another one happened to a guy I know here in Sydney. He was riding down the freeway when he sees to legs appear across his vision. He was sharing the inside of his helmet with a huntsman. He calmly pulled over, calmly dismounted and frantically battered a spider to death. He doesn't store his helmet on the floor of his garage any more.
  9. Bucks5, I think you might need to build up your common sense. :p

    1. Always take off helmet after you stop the bike before you get into the house.

    2. put your helmet on their counter when you pay for petrol, and take your times, otherwise cost more if you rush and drop your helmet.

    3. You can hang you helmet on the mirror, hold your gloves, or put them on the seat/ your pocket.
  10. Am I the only one who gets asked to put their helmet back ON in service stations?
  11. The service station owner has a weak heart!! :p :p
  12. I have been hit by a decent twig falling from a tree whilst riding at 100kmph. It was LOUD inside my helmet even with ear plugs on. :shock:
    Left a bit of srape on the paintwork.
  13. lol - That's GOLD.
    though no.3 story - has happen to me also :)
  14. Sadly, I have no other stories except....

    There was a few times that I went to put my keys in my mouth and got the clunk of keys against the plastic chin of my full face helmet.

    And I am waiting for the time I do a big wet sneeze especially when the visor is down.
  15. It's not pretty..... not pretty at all, but most of the snot hit the lower part below the visor luckily.

    I usually ride off with the visor up, twice, just as I've gone to close it, I've been ambushed by an insect. First time was a fairly big moth, it attacked my hooter just as I closed the visor, trapping it inside. Fairly distracting I tell ya. Second was one of those big hard bugs that fly, got wedged between my right check and the cheek pad. Very bloody annoying as it tried to beat its way out.

    Ahhhh the joys of the open air, and the main reason I wear sunnies under the visor.

  16. Orright, not really bike related but kinda helmet related....

    In one of my first races at Phillip Island in my Formula Vee (bit like a Formula Ford for those not familiar, think open cockpit). Damp track, plenty of road grime on the visor. I decide that the long main straight is a good place to give it a bit of a wipe with my glove. Raise hand to visor, fail to take into account breeze of 180ish km/h, smack myself firmly in my helmeted face in front of the pits.

    You know I meant to do that............. :oops:
  17. My ex tried to eat a Mars bar and forgot that the visor was down. It (the Mars Bar, not the ex) disappeared down the road, and she was not a woman who liked to see chocolate wasted.

    Not a motorcycle story, but I have barfed in a full-face hang-gliding helmet. Bacon and eggs and the contents of my camelbak (1.5 l of gatorade) Because you lie face down, it pools in the visor rather than draining out. Yum
  18. This apparently happened to a friend of mine (the guy has a reputation for... inventing things)
    Apparently you could buy cheep plastic helmets in the early 90's... and so he bought one... the following day he droped it and the plastic shell split in two along the seam...

    But this happend to me so I know it is true... I was riding one christmas eve... It was a nice warm night... I was hit by a cicada... any way this thing slid it's guts accross half of my visor and I tried to whipe it off... well my glove got stuck to the visor and I managed to pull over and clean the visor with a softdrink... I had a very sticky mess on my visor...
  19. I dropped mine after spending $70 two days earlier to by a new uridium visor.

    Bucks - Myabe you should just cover your lid in bubble wrap :LOL: :p
  20. Buh, I don't have any horror stories about helmets except bugs and other insects flying in. But I guess for somebody riding with an open face helemt is a horror on it's own so there you go!!!!! :D

    pros of openface helmet:
    you can:
    - have a smoke
    - spit at cars that cut your way
    - puke while hang gliding (eh chairman???)
    - blow a kiss to cute girl in the cage
    - show of with your extensive range of sunnies and goggles 8) (red baron style)
    - do a breath test o yeah o yeah!!!!!!!!!!
    - use it as a reason not to shave every day

    cons of open face helmet:
    you can:
    - spend extra time picking stone chips and bugs of your face after riding
    you need:
    - spare jaw and nose if you hit the tar