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Helmet Help...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by bike=freedom, Nov 26, 2005.

  1. Hi All,

    Just shopping for my first helmet, i'm looking at either a Shoei or a Arai helmet, and am looking for some advice on road noise, weight and ventillation. Can anyone recommend?

  2. I just bought a Shark RSF-2 which I hate having come from a Shoei RF900. I will look at getting another Shoei as soon as I have the $$$. I love Shoei as they fit me well. They are quiet, good quality and I like them.

    You really need to go out and try helmets on first before doing any serious comparos. Helmets are like tyres and , as such, people's comments on each will be varied.

    :D :D :D
  3. I have a head that fits into a Shoei. However, I did go into P Stevens and try another Korean (?) brand that also seem to fit quite reasonably a couple of years ago. :D
  4. Well i have the same helmet as Lil and I love it. Noise is always an issue on the helmets ive worn but I tuck my neck warmer thing up into it and it dont sound so bad......Tried a shoei and Yuk ! Or get some isolating ear buds and plug in your music......hifi in the head......doof...doof...doof.....missy higgins makes my visor steam up.......she makes me so emotional..! ! ! ! :shock:
  5. hey stookie, have you had an success locating those ear-plug/earphone thingies?
  6. You just mean isolating earphones?
  7. No Mik, when I was down there for the Dinner Stookie was chasing up ear-plugs with embedded speakers so they both blocked out road noise and carried music from an iPod etc.....
    Apparently there's a company here that does custom-made ones.
  8. Try a BMW system 5 helmet and you will change your mind, as it's almost totally silent. I don't own one myself, but I would in a heartbeat if I could afford the $900.
  9. Oh ok becasue some of the good earphone manufacturers ie. shure, westone, and etymotic make isolating earphones which you get different sized foam inserts which do isolate the outside sound. These are also compatible with moulds you can get made by an ear specialist or whatever if your super keen... not really necesary though as one of the default sizes usually work alright... The sound they produce is amazing, i recently bought a set of middle of the range Shures for about $300. Expensive but better than anythin ive ever listened to before :D .
  10. You can buy a set of 'EarJams' for $25 that clip onto the standard Apple earphones and do exactly the same thing. I couldn't believe the difference when I bought mine. You get three sets in the kit in different sizes and a cool zippered pouch for the phones, all for $25.
  11. are they made by the same company that makes toe-jam?

    Seriously, just looked at them Wouldn't they stick out too far to wear them under a helmet?
  12. Yeah that would make a nice difference, if you ever get the chance try one of the above mentioned brands earphones though. Its a totally different listening experience...
  13. if I put ear plugs in......how do I hear the voices.....shhhhh...not now....no go away :roll:
  14. ive never thought of listening to music while riding
    i mean is it safe to do and has anyone else done it??

  15. Heaps of people do it.. Ive thought about doing it on the highway but cant get comfortable with any earphones...

    I personally would never to it around town... The stupid helmets dulls my senses enough as is...
  16. The only time i dont listen to music on the bike is when i hit the hills . Mainly freeway riding i have my tunes going . I-pod hooked up to an auto-com .
  17. Thanks guys for your input and the web links,i'll do some more research and try on some more helmets.
  18. I have three helmets, a KBC TK8, a arai astral ( one month old) and a shoei x-eleven (2 months old)

    noise wise, the shoei is by far the worst (it cost me a fortune and i won't wear it - but it makes an awesome ornament)

    the kbc is 2 yrs old and still fits like a glove, i wear it at night cos i couldn't be bothered changing visors on the arai

    the arai is the best :) It's light with good ventilation.
  19. btw the new KBC's are out, the VR2 is a composite helmet, has a quick release visor mechanism, and the graphics are really cool :D