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Helmet Help

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by smidsy, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. Hei guys,
    Working out finances to buy a bike and the issue of helmets has driven me mad - seems they range in price from about $100-1500 and it's hard to see the difference.
    My riding will be commuter, about 10k a day max with no roads being more than 70 zoned.

    Can anyone recommend a decent low to mid priced helmet - is there such a thing.
    My budget is very limited but I would rather hold off on a bike for 6 months than skimp on safety gear - I wear steel caps and jeans at work so I plan on adding dri-rider jacket and gloves to this.
  2. Hei Paul!

    that's easy> 100 dollars = shit., 1500 dollars = shinola...can you tell the diference between shit and shinola.

    try an entry level shoei, in white or a highly visible colour/design for commuting...probably pick one up 500-600 dollars...there you go, met you half way.

    dri riders are awesome, but lack air vents and too hot in summer.

    steel capped boots are no good for riding, no ankle/shin/heel protection...a calf length leather boot would be better.

    and goodonya! for factoring in protective riding gear to your purchase.
  3. all helmets meet australian standards no matter what the price. main difference is in comfort, weight, finish etc. as long as it fits well you'll be OK. I have a good helmet ($800 +) which is a thing of beauty for real rides and a cheapie I wear around town. the cheap one is a RXT and it cost about $130. its heavier, noisier and doesn't look as good but does the job for short trips. another cheapie I've heard good things about is xpeed.
  4. Thanks for that guys.

    Monkeyman, you say the dririder jackets are hot in summer, is there a decent jacket that is wearable in summer without baking.

    My problem is that I have a violent allergy to bee sting so I will have to be covered from head to toe.
  5. When I got my first helmet I went into a shop and tried on several different brands and sizes (highly recommended)
    Found that they were either too tight and painful, or move around too much.. until I tried a KBC Tk-8 ($160)
    Lightweight, fits perfectly and was rather comfy

    Only downside was wind noise

    And because I changed my visor between clear and tinted almost daily I managed to break the clips pretty quick, but a new set for $15 and it was good as new

    Now I've upgraded to a KBC VR2R race helmet which is even lighter, looks fantastic, is quieter and just plain epic (y)


    I got a 'Duhan' brand jacket from ebay, its made from textiles and has foam armour inserts in all the important places. Has been 'tested' twice at low speed without issue.
    Also has a winter liner (warm enough even below zero) which zipped out and its now as light and breezy as ever.
    Though its just one of those generic ebay cheapies and wouldnt hold up as well as a decent brand.
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  7. The scary thing is that I still have the helmet my dad bought me when he taught me to ride about 30 years ago.

    When I got it I could turn my head around 360 degrees inside it - these days it still fits but I need a 9 pound sledge to put in on and 3 crowbars to take it off.

    Needless to say it is kept for sentimental value and will never be used again.
  8. You would be better off going to a shop and try on different helmets to see which ones fit the best, then pick one from the short list that suits your budget.

    Have you considered a push bike? 10k is an ideal distance for cycling to work, it will also improve your fitness while saving you tons of money on rego, insurance, petrol, and other running costs.
  9. I was actually going to use a push bike and this weekend started doing small rides to aclimatise. Then I spent this morning at emergency after I got stung by a bee. At least on a motorbike I would be able to cover myself head to toe which I cant comfortably do on a pushie.

    I have been wanting a motorbike for sometime and was planning on getting one in around 6 monthsanyway, but after today I am thinking now is the time - my car goes to the panel shop soon so I will need transport.
  10. Sorry to hear that, I wonder if there's bee repellent sprays like the ones for mosquitoes.

    Other than weight, noise, look, and build quality, higher end helmets also have better ventilation systems.
  11. i've a had a kbc helmet too and it was quite a good helmet....shark helmets also have a solid reputation and a more honest price.
    i'm not a fan of black helmets because they are dificult for cars to see at night...black are often sold at a discounted price, so be aware that's why, not so popular for a smart choice....remember your helmet will be above the roof line of most cars, so it needs to stand out and get noticed because that's often all they'll see of you.

    mesh jackets for summer, as mentioned by twistngo, that starider one looks good value too...i'd be happy with that, but i'd wear an additional full back protector under it.
    mesh jackets are generally considered good for one stack only, protecting your skin but getting destroyed doing so...whilst leather jackets can take a few more hits...but that's irrelevant because you're not going to stack.

    that's no good about the bee sting issue, but helmets vary a lot in air vent design, so that's a consideration...my current helmet has that triangular push down vent on top, utilized by a lot of helmets...i just realised that would suck in a bee easily.
    you can get sheer summer neck socks and balaclavas, but i guess a sting would still penetrate those...if it's any consilation you'll get to splatter a few on your visor.
  12. Yes, I bought a white helmet for safety reason as well. Was tossing between white or silver and decided to get the white. Besides, white is the new black.
  13. If money is no issue (and shouldnt be when it comes to that protection thing) try Arai... cant beat it!
  14. Take a look at the sharp direct uk website. They rate many different helmets according to safety, and give some good advice re which lid is best.
  15. Me too!
    And no one else has a white Shoei X1000 :LOL:
  16. I had the same problem when looking for gear as I didnt want to spend too much cash. I found a Nolan helmet for $300 at a bike shop around the corner from Peter Stevens in Ringwood. I agree with just trying on different brands until you find one that is comfy then search for price. Worked for me :).
    As for the rest of the gear, I bought a Ixon jacket second hand and that has been great so far in the hot weather plenty of vents and all that stuff. Also got gloves, boots and pants all second hand ($120 the lot) so definately recommend that option for the gear if you want to keep it all a bit cheaper. Have a look at netrider, gumtree.com.au and trading post all good options.
  17. Joe Rocket Alter Ego look on e-bay don't buy it local or you'll get shafted