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Helmet Help - Size

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by JZA, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Need your help.

    Just recently purchased a Shark RSI, beautiful helmet...however....I purchased a medium which feels tight on me after bringing it home.

    I was concious of a firm fit (first bike, safety etc) but everytime a put it on it seems to feel tighter. My head is 58cm so it is smack bang on a medium size. :?

    Also because my cheeks a squished, which is ok, my mouth and lips are constantly touching and/or pushing the inside of the helmet. :?

    This is my first helmet so I cant really compare it to anything.

    I'm f***ing paranoid now because I don't think I can bring it back to exchange it (bought it just before easter) :oops:

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated....cheers fellas
  2. My first helmet was a medium shark rsf2i which felt tight for a month or so then was great.
  3. they do loosen up a bit
  4. They should be firm but if its distorting your face its to tight IMHO.
    Nothing worse than a lid that gives you a headache either.

    All makers have different sizes. I can be a L in some and a XXL in others. Some that fit ok have my chin pressed hard against the front so they are all different.

    Any chance of taking it back?
    Shop around until you find one that fits and buy it on the spot.
  5. Thanks for the replies.

    I spent a lot of time fitting the helmets in the shop and I did the blokes head in I think.

    I know they should loosen up and maybe should give it time.

    Is it normal for your lips to touch the inside of the helmet??....however I do have big arse lips so that probably doesnt help :)

    Hasn't given me a headache yet but I've only worn it max 20 mins.

    Do your eyes need to be centre of the visor??....it is but I feel see too much of my forehead so think my head should be deeper into the top???

    Thanks guys......I'm bloody over it, I just want to ride and not have these distractions!!
  6. Wear it for at least an hour or more in front of the telly.

    If it begins to p*** you off more and more, then you need
    a different helmet. You MIGHT be able to take it back for exchange
    if you got all the original stuff and it hasn't been worn outside.

    If you begin to ignore it, or it seems to stretch/settle in, then it'll be ok.
  7. It sounds like you head is not going in deep enough.

    After putting it on and off 20 times it should be starting to feel better.
    If not you need a different "shape" helmet.
    Bedding on on the couch is a good idea as someone suggested.
    If it's distracting you its not good.
    You wont notice a good fitting helmet and they dont have to be super expensive.
  8. wear it for half an hour and if it gives u a headache then its probably too tight

    my arai (small) was really tight when i first got it but a few weeks of wear and now it fits perfect (glad i didn't get a medium actually).
  9. Try pushing the chin guard up away from your mouth, and resettling the helmet, as it may just be the angle that is wrong?
  10. ideally helmet should be just above eyebrows

    If there's a large gap, and it won't come down, you brought the wrong helmet
  11. Thanks again for the replies. :grin:

    I have worn it for 45 mins today and the longer I wear it the more convinced I am that its too small :mad: It is not comfortable and today the pressure on my cheeks was really annoying me :evil: :evil:

    I have positioned it on my head in every conceivable position and cant get comfortable.

    I will never trust those helmet charts again....in the end its only a guide but it is my first helmet so I need all the bloddy guides I can get!!!! :oops:

    I've decided that I will bring it back tomorrow. Bought it at Race Replica, they were great but I'll see if they can exchange it....I only picked it up on Thursday.

    Wish me luck and I'll let you know how it goes.

    Thanks again all, you've been great :grin:
  12. Good luck with that, they generally don't return helmets as they don't know whats happened to them after they left the store..

    Don't go off size charts, if you have a round head, a shark is never going to fit you, shells and brands are different shapes, even listed as the same size.
  13. Its good for it to be pressing against your cheeks. The proper size is meant to be tight but not extremely tight so it hurts you. You don't want something too big as it will start moving around on your head. If its hurting you or giving you a headache then yes its too small. Maybe you just need to get used to the feeling of wearing a full faced helmet? It was weird and a bit uncomfortable for me the first time but I got used to it. Maybe your head is the wrong shape for the helmet?
  14. If you look like this I don't think it will matter what helmet you buy :LOL:

  15. I have a Shark RSX and I too found that the cheek pads were extremely tight when I first bought it. It took about a month for it to become truly comfortable, now it's fine.
  16. Hello All,

    I am happy to advise that the lovely staff at Race Replica have kindly exchanged my helmet for a LARGE..............did you get that??....LARGE!!!!

    It fits perfect AND I got a colour variation in the Acid design that I like even better :grin:

    My head is oval not round so Shark is definately the shape for me.

    I don't know what possessed me to get a medium, I must have been excited at the time. :?

    Yes Bluesuede - I have big arse lips but DAAAMN!!!!.....they are some big ass lips!!!!! HAHAHA!!!

    Thank you all for your advice, it really helped me...NR FOREVER!!!!!

    JZA :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

    Some pics....


  17. Your very lucky they let you take it back.
  18. You're not wrong nightgash, they did make that clear to me but were very understanding.....

    It was my first helmet purchase and they kitted me out with everything. They could have been a-holes about it but good old customer service saved the day.

    I will not buy anywhwere else now and have and will refer these guys to all my mates.

  19. good on them, ive heared some bad stories bout people getting the wrong size and wasting $$$$$

  20. Hey JZA good result and nice lid - well done :)