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Helmet Headache ?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by JtS, May 9, 2007.

  1. Close to a year ago now, I purchased the following:


    In making said decision, I must have tried every bloody helmet brand/model available. I found my beloved Fuji to be, by far, the best fit. At that time it was also the lightest race helmet on the market…so I was happy with the rather large initial outlay.

    Now to the problem: the bloody thing gives me a headache!

    I’ve noticed that, on rides longer than an hour, I am developing a headache. When I remove the helmet, I have red lines on my face caused by the pressure from the cheek pads (she’s snug...). The headache disappears, and I’m back to riding comfortably until…yup, there it is again.

    I have tossed up replacing the cheek pads to ease the pressure a bit, but I don’t want to do anything that’s going to allow more movement.

    Anyone else experience this? Any ideas on how to remedy the problem?
  2. i would think if it's leaving red lines it's too tight..... so you either need to get the pads reduced or buy a new helmet.... i it must of been awful tight when you bought if after a year it's still leaving red lines :shock:
  3. That's the thing: it wasn't.

    It fit like a glove. Snug, but comfortable with little to no movement. I didn't notice any discomfort until I'd been on the road for a while.

    Mind you, I tend to be a weekend warrior as I live within walking distance to work...so it is in the exact same condition it was in when purchased.
  4. You sure its not a concentration headache? Any pressure on your temples?
  5. I wouldn't think so, but then, I'm not sure. :?

    There is some slight pain there, but it seems to be focussed on the top of my head and a bit behind the eyes.
  6. Get a hair cut :LOL: & get your eyes tested
  7. :LOL:

    Haircut: check

    Eyes: nah, I know I'm blind and already wear corrective lenses.

    Which got me thinking, it may be that my sunnies are putting extra pressure on my temples, and reducing the flow of blood to my brain :shock:

    I really can't afford to lose any more braincells! I prefer to kill them with scotch :grin:
  8. Just because you already wear corrective lens, doesnt mean you cant get your eyes tested AGAIN.

    I value my sight, & getting reminders every couple of years from my optician is one health check I dont mind being reminded of.
  9. Here's a thought - have you put on any weight in the last 12 months? If your face shape has changed, it could alter the pressure.

    You have my sympathy - I am breaking in a new Arai helmet, and it is doing the same to me at the moment ....
  10. could be the sunnies. I notice that when I wear sunnies, my face tenses up a bit... try to notice if your face is tense when riding for a long time with sunnies on.
    if so try to relax your face.

    No seriously.
  11. Yeah wearing sunnies under my dome gives me headaches too...Maybe your head is still growing??
  12. If the helmet has a D-ring strap make sure it's not done up too tight.
  13. +1 re the sunnies

    If I wear sunnies for any length of time in a helmet I always get a headache. Now I just have a tinted visor instead, and carry a clear one with me should I need to change it over. No more headaches. :cool:
  14. :shock: uh...no!

    That wasn't something I'd considered....but how the hell....???

    Seriously, I reckon the sunnies are the culprit. Problem is, there isn't much I can do about it, as I need them to see. :?
  15. Try different sunnies (frame arms etc)
    Try a tinted visor. Maybe you can borrow one to test.
  16. If i wear a hat i get a headache.

    Im fine with a benie.

    Im not sure what causes it, but its only with a hat on and sunnies. Im gonna try just the hat without the sunnies and see what happens.
  17. Try an ibuprofen before you ride to reduce swelling from long rides. It's also a painkiller. And yes, haircut, I can't wear my Shoei if I haven't had my short-back-n-sides haircut within a month, because I bought it race-fit (firmly snug) not road-fit (comfy-secure).
  18. +1
    My pillion had probs with the helmet after one hour ride. Tension headache that would go away after the helmet was removed for 5 min. The helmet might pressure slightly one vain that after 1 hour of reduced flow, the excess blood traffic jam will bring headaches. What we did was cutting away a slice of foam at the area of high pressure. It worked perfectly and headaches no more!!! Just don’t butcher it, a thin even slice of foam would do the trick.
    If the prob is cause by your sunnies, then try without them to see if they are the cause or not. If you can not ride at all without them, not even for a test, ask someone to give you a ride and be the pillion.. or just put the helmet on in the house!! ( although you will miss the pressure factor from the air)...
    Buying a new helmet might not by a solution, as your head my be of a weird shape...