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Helmet Hair

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by kazjim, Sep 29, 2005.

  1. Ok, I'm a child of the early 70's, so I'm a thirty something now.....

    Just got my first full-face helmet (used to use a THH Open face...) and I've struck a problem....


    Those of you that remember the 70's and 80's will know that its ALL ABOUT THE HAIR !!

    We can have any number of Suez Oil crises or Indonesian Uprisings, but if you got bad hair, then man, it aint going well for you....

    Basically, with the THH, i could put the helmet on on a slight forward angle, and slide it "Back" over my hair to keep it smoothed back (NO hair products here.. all natural!)

    BUT the open face doesnt allow that, in fact it does the opposite, it makes me tilt the helmet slightly forward after its on, thus lifting the hair into an unsightly mess !!

    I'm considering either a do-rag or very short hair.....

    Dear GOD, Help me Netriders !!
  2. drama's drama's drama's

    put a bandana on before you put you helmut on normally does the trick
  3. no.1 all around..problem solved :wink:
  4. Do whatever it takes, the bandana is the go. Just don't cut the Hair.
  5. Agree whole heartily with v00dsy. I used to have no.1 all round and I must say it was on the wonderful side. No such a thing as helmet hair. No need to worry about it in the morning. And by the time I'd finish saving, it was dry as a bone. :)
  6. Got to admit, the skin head look is the go for me. I use a clipper without the extension, so I have a zero on mine.
    It does help of course if you have a head that suits the no hair look. :D:D:D:D:D:D
  7. i have a bit of a prob with that too :? really long hair just isn't suited to riding, gets all knotty on my 15 min commutes so as you might imagine, my 4hr+ rides become a tangley fuggen mess :(

    coco will be saying bye bye to those long hairs very shortly.....
  8. "gimme a head with hair, long beautiful hair, gleaming, streaming, shining flaxen waxen..... give me down to there, shoulder length or longer....."
    No advice from here; mother nature dealt with mine in my mid-thirties, now I can buy a size SMALLER helmet than I used to!!! :LOL:
  9. The Bandana is DEFINATLY the way to go... I use a one and never have an issue with helmet hair....
  10. Do whatever it takes, the bandana is the go. Just don't cut the Hair.

    Rikki, I could of swore that's what I said.

  11. Thinking about joining you in that one .... long hair / bike riding / long hair / bike riding - hard decision :cry:

    Maybe we can do a joint NetRider get drunk & cut off the hair thingy - who's good with the scissors! :shock: :D
  12. got my hair cut and wear a bandana.. its ok. but hair looks like a little preppy pretty boy. its coming off.
  13. Did ya :) Well you know what my hearing is like :p
  14. I had blonde hair all styled nicely......then i got my helmet on and decided........cant be calling my stylist everytime I get off the bike so I shaved it all off. Now I got none......the only hard part now is getting my helmet and Neckwarmer off as my bonce is like velcro now.......have to keep shaving it everyday to avoid looking like Im fighting with myself everytime I try to get the helmet off.......
  15. I think my threads are far more important/valuable to the comunity :LOL:

    When I had longer hair, a bit below shoulder length, I didnt really get helmet hair. But now its short, boycut, i get it really bad :(
  16. For me (having a product "styled" hair do), I simply have some product in my backpack, and keep my hat in there at all times.. then I quickly do the helmet to hat swap trick.. and make way to the nearest change rooms where I thus apply product to completely messed up hair.. and voila :) looks just like its been styled :)..
  17. Just shave it all off and paint little rabbits on ya head. Nobody will notice, cos from a distance they look like hares. :)
  18. Oh dear... What are they feeding you on over there?

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  19. if i can get over wearing weird feeling pants that are up too high, im sure you can get over your hair problem.
  20. Actually, I don't mind helmet hair.
    My hair tends to foof and frizz in all the wrong ways, so the helmet ensures that it's all smoothish and flattish by the time I get to work :LOL: