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Helmet hair? Advice please

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by donski1, May 15, 2007.

  1. A trivial issue maybe, and not one for the crew cut blokes/girls out there, but an issue that is driving me mad nevertheless.
    I'm sick of walking around everywhere with flat, straight hair, stuck to my skull.
    Does anyone out there have any suggestions, ideas, products that might be of use?

  2. I used to have that problem - sloved it with a number 1 cut!

  3. Get used to it! :LOL:
  4. Hi donski, what length is your hair? If it's shortish, you could style it with gel then, once you have the helmet off, sort of 'rejuvanate' the gel with a little water on your hands to give your hair a bit of lift at the roots.

    Does that make any sense at all?? I know what I'm trying to say :LOL:
  5. Hair dilema!

    My hair is slightly longer than shoulder length. Fringe and layered. I'm a bit concious of looking too blokey already once I'm in full riding gear, so I might give the number 1 a miss. Of course not that there is anything wrong with that, just not the look I personally choose. If I were a guy, then absoutely.
  6. +1

    I do my hair in the mornings, and depending on whether ex-helmet hair is aacceptable for what I have on that day, I either rejuvenate what I have done prior to the helmet or I bring along some product and use a combination of water and product to make it lovely ;)

    More often than not I just deal with it though. Just don't look in the mirror and you'll be fine :p
  7. Hair care advice from someone who calls themself fuzzy :LOL: now Ive heard it all :p :wink:

    If its long, ponytail or plait & there are also hair tubes & doo rags (cotton head wraps) you can use.
  8. Ha, years of hair taming has made me quite the expert :wink:
  9. Do what I did; go bald :rofl:.
  10. Ask Ktulu !
    He has mastered and conquered helmet head !!

  11. Just leave it in a messy, split, shaggy, tangled mess, and wear a hat. :grin:

    Of course that was a joke. I'd never actually do that. :LOL:
  12. i just wear a hat
  13. I might be missing the obvious but I'm assuming you're a chick? I would assume a quick flick and toss plus some hands through it would give you a bit of volume again? I have really thick hair so the moment I touch it it goes boofy. ha.

    Advice for dudes is:

    I ride to work 2-3 times a week and always stick product in my slouch to quickly fix myself up when I get there. Otherwise I find a good trick is to put product in before putting the helmet on - when I get to my destination it usually only needs a light bit of fixing (usually from the helmet pulling the hair on the sides up). My preference is boofy hair. I have really thick hair that I keep a bit messy but not long. 6-8cm max in length

    Do NOT use gel. Gel when dry breaks down into flakes and it will make you look like you have dandruff. Use a dry matt paste - this doesn't break down as easily + I hate the greasy gel look.

    Geez the way I'm talking you'd think I ride a scooter or something...
  14. Get a haircut. And as for 'product' :p , use a bit of wax if you must. And I mean a bit, like a mm or 2.
  15. Found plaiting works - or a small chignon.. easy to take out and give a quick brush to but sounds like my hair is longer than yours.. :grin:
  16. #2 here.

    I used to have really long hair.

    Best thing is to get it "thinned" out by the hairdresser when it gets cut. That way there isnt as much hair to compact when you put the lid on, so it doesnt get as squashed.

    Or own a bigger helmet :p
  17. Are you a bike rider or some sort of metrosexual poof?
  18. my friend, a male can be one or the other but i'm sure one can't be both. in this case we refer to her as a woman. LOL

    i too, loathe helmet hair :evil:
  19. Just shave it!

    When fresh stubble, the helmet sticks to your head and doesn't move around either!.

    Just a bit harder to dry with a towel - works like velcro!
  20. I have long hair (however i am a bloke), i find parting it down the middle to help, and take a brush with you and style accordingly when you arrive.