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Helmet hair! aaargh!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by blackjacket, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. I started riding not long ago, and my hair is not that long, maybe 10-20cm around the top/front and pretty short around the sides.

    I used to gel it back, but it was pretty useless after being through a helmet so I stopped. My hair now just bunches up in a mop at the front. That's after I've run wet fingers through it and it's dried. Straight out of the helmet, its a big mass of wiry tumble weed. :oops:

    What do you guys do? I tried some different shampoo and even conditioner (I'm a guy!!) Not much difference... I don't want to crop it all short... I'm hoping it'll get a bit more manageable when it grows longer, say down to my ears.
  2. I never found a length that the helmet doesnt kill - other than shaved very short. Long hair ytou can pull it back but it still ends up flat, and you end up with knots in your ponytail. Moderate lengths get messed up.

    Either aim for a "just got out of bed" hairstyle so you can run your fingers trhough it, clip it, or drive a car.
  3. Try some that restyle wax stuff, then run hand through hair when you arrive.
  4. go bald!!! truth is you don't actuality lose the hair it just stops growing on your head and starts appearing in novel new areas... :wink:
  5. I had the same problem, after one week of riding I've shaved my head.
  6. Anything longer than about a number 3 cut will cause helmet hair... and even a number 3 will on a hot summers day.

    I have a number 2 cut all over my head for exactly that reason.
  7. I have a collection of baseball caps
  8. even super short hair has problems, it gets like the scratch side of velcro about a week after shaving and tears the arse out of the helmet lining
  9. Yup... shaved really short has that side effect.

    Number 2 is about the least hassle IMHO.
  10. Have shaved my head since about 6 yrs ago.
    Just watch out - when it is fresh - the towels stick like velcro!.

    Only way out of it, unless you grow it real long!
  11. Shampoo, gel and hairdrier at work for summer.

    Just go to the change / shower room, head under the tap for 40 seconds. Dry and gel!!
  12. I like the just-got-out-of-bed look.
    It works for me and im a teacher :LOL:
  13. +1 on the shaved head look.
    If you don't want to damage the lining on the helmet use a balaclava.
    It also absorbs some of the sweat so you don't need to clean the lining as often.
  14. helmet hair

    well being a girl I don't mind, in the summer (the extra heat) helmet hair flattens my hair and i kind of like that look.......lol
    You could always have a sex change and things might improve for you!
  15. What is this "hair" that you all speak of?
  16. yeah my mrs reckons that helmet head cures my terrible curls so therefore any increase in resemblance i have to brad pitt from "interview with a vampire" is much appreciated around here. :LOL:

  17. I dunno the physics of it,but it seems to be affected by gravity. As I age it moves from my head down my back.....
  18. Simple. No 1 clippers.

    Hair's falling out anyway!!
  19. hahaha, yup, the wake-up-do is the way to go... :cool: