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Helmet Graphics/Decals

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by VCM, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. Only when I need to dry them

  2. Thats how I carry spare undies

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  3. Never .. that would reveal my TRUE identity

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  1. I'm hoping I've posted in the right section here ...

    Love my Shoei helmet, and although I would have preferred one with graphics ( more visible to traffic ), I opted for a gloss black TZR.
    Was thinking for a while now, I could perhaps put some kind of decal on the back that would help make me 'stand-out' in traffic.
    Yesterday, I popped into Dandy Motorcycles for a chat when I come across an arai with a digital print of Marylin Monroe of the back. :shock:
    It looked awesome. Spoke to the guy who owned it, it belonged to his wife and was being used by his daughter ( she was his pillion that morning ).
    Anyway, he was saying that he got it done at some signwriter in Dandenong. All he needs is a digital image ( ie jpg) and he can print it as a decal to be placed on a helmet.
    I thought this was a novel idea ..
    Has anyone done this ?
    Any Pros, Cons?

  2. Who's the sign writer mate? It sounds like a great idea.
  3. From memory I think he said Aaron Signs Dandenong.
    I'll ring to confirm this week