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VIC Helmet/gloves - Carlton North

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by adprom, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. My bike is kept within a secure garage. Went down this morning to find that the helmet and brand new gloves within the helmet are gone. The helmet was locked to my cb400 via the helmet lock.

    They have tried to get the barrel open and then barring that have completely snapped the helmet locking bit.

    For a 2nd hand 3 year old shark helmet that is worth next to nothing. Most annoyed about the brand new gloves and the damage. Also put a slight scratch on the plastic.
  2. Would never leave gloves attached to a bike there easily steal-able... BUT they'd have to be the right size for ffs and same with the helmet. God people are assholes

  3. In a secure car park - never had an issue in 3 years over 2 buildings.

    I sort of understand just taking gloves but to break the locking mechanism to get the helmet.... To do what? Sell the pair for $100 max.... FFS.
  4. If it's a shared carpark (ie. an apartment block) those are the absolute worst places for vehicle theft. Almost safer on the street.
    Goods will probably show up on ebay in a few months time (in a location far away).
  5. Unfortunately you have just received a difficult lesson.

    "You can only ever stop an honest thief."

    By that, I mean if a person is determined enough, they will take even the most heavily secured item. A moderately secure item will only stop a moderately determined thief.

    If your helmet and gloves were secured inside your residence, do you think the same thief would have targeted them, or would you still have them in your possession?

  6. Not really a lesson. Had to break the actual lock to do so. Not a mdoerate amount of force. Oddly left a heap of unsecured stuff including bicycles sitting around the carpark. Surprised they went for something that required some effort and was low value given easier stuff to get.

    I suspect if the rear door was correctly closed, wouldn't have been an issue.
  7. Pissed off neighbour?
  8. A lesson will only ever help a person who is willing to learn from it. If you don't believe that the situation could have been different had YOU acted differently, then there's little point in saying any more.

    Good luck with your new gear.
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  9. Lucky you dont have a desirable bike,or that would be gone too.
  10. What tasman was hinting at, was to never store your gear/leave your gear with your bike when you're not near it or can see it.

    its all well and good being in a "secure" carpark but... in reality nothing is secure, and only YOU can make sure it doesn't happen again.

    it sucks but i hope with your new gear you don't leave it attached to your bike in future :)
  11. I often see bikers leaving helmets and jackets draped on their mirrors of bikes left on the street. It's amazed me there's not more theft to be honest. Although I wouldn't want someone's manky old helmet anyway....

    I asked about this when out doing our QRide street section and the instructor said he'd never had anything pinched yet. All it would take is one bored stupid teenager.

    The damage is the mcpissorf. It's like when a mate had his Mercedes window smashed in so the kids could steal $5 odd in change from inside his car. Stooopid.
  12. WOW ... that is really sad innit???

    Humans ... a force that could achieve so much good but instead are such shitbags :-(
  13. Bugger Adprom. Hope it doesn't happen again.
  14. I know exactly what he was saying. Used helmets and gloves aren't exactly valuable items as their valuable is negligible. May get $50 if they are lucky from a helmet - and probably not even that.

    Helmet is a bit different to leaving a wallet or money. Reap what you sow? That's an absurd statement - basically suggesting the blame is on someone who has secured the item to the bike As it stands, someone had a bicycle stolen as well - most of the bicycles in our building are in the carpark unlocked.

    So it appears that early one morning, some numpty has ridden off on a bicycle with full face motorcycle helmet and gloves. Purely opportunity driven because someone hasn't closed the back door properly.

    Lived in secure carparks (properly secure) for years without an issue.

    Also worth noting that obviously some people haven't lived in apartments where space is at a premium and carparks have to be used for storage to some extent. It's like suggesting someone who parks on the street is asking for it when in reality they obviously don't have much other choice. If the gloves were just stolen, then I'd say fair enough. In this case, significant damage was done to the seat and helmet lock to get it which changes things a bit

    If you read my previous post, you'd noticed other items were stolen... so no, clearly damage wasn't done to the bike "just to make life difficult for someone".
    Common sense also tells you that most bike riders tend to have more than one helmet lying around.

    There is a bigger issue that I haven't mentioned. The loss of property for those of us impacted is one thing BUT once in the carpark, there is direct access to the residences without security. Given we have several young single females who live here, this presents a significant issue. Lose a bit o property or even a vehicle is one thing but personal security being impacted for those is a much larger issue. Having just talked to 2 other residents tonight, this is a significant concern to them.
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  15. I did that for the first few months when I first started riding road bikes back in 1979. I left the helmet on the mirror when I went in to order a pizza in Mt Waverly came out and it was gone.

    Learned that lesson, never done it since!
  16. Actually, what I was inferring was that if you want to secure something, SECURE IT.

    I have seen helmet straps cut just to steal the lid. Why? I don't know, but people do it. I have seen helmets full of vomit because some twit thought it would be good for a laugh.

    Ask around - you might be surprised at the inane, low $ value items people you know have had stolen over the years. Ratty old pairs of thongs. Cheapo water bottles, $20 servo sunnies...the list i endless.

    Its got nothing to do with the value of the item which makes it attractive to a lot of thieves - its the mischief value. As I said before, if you don't believe the situation could have been different had YOU acted differently, then there's little point in saying any more.

    Yes, you are pissed off/disappointed in the behaviour of others/etc - understandable entirely. But it doesn't change the fact that you left your gear in a vulnerable location.
  17. That raises a good point... the material value of an item might be inconsequential, e.g. a well worn budget helmet might not be worth that much... but the denial of its availability might cause significant interuption and inconvenience and THAT is worth heaps.
  18. Exactly Rob. If someone stole my helmet during the day while I was at work, it would be a real pain the backside. Yet I still leave my helmet with the bike everyday. It's locked inside my top box, but it's still less safe than inside my workplace.
  19. Yep, replacement value is the key.

    But leaving gloves in your helmet is a no go for me, but purely for the smell aspect, lol.
  20. Spinal Tap's finest hour.
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