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Helmet giving me headaches

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Sams, Nov 19, 2006.

  1. I just bought my burger yesterday and got a new helmet with it. It felt fine in the shop but obviously whilst wearing it on rides, it puts pressure on my head and basically gives me a headache.

    I'm pretty green about helmets - this is my second one. Is there a wearing in period where I'll have to persevere with it until it moulds to my head? Or am I fighting a losing battle? Right now, it feels like it's smooshing my cheeks up to my forehead and makes me feel a bit squinty-eyed. Not to mention it's a debacle to get my specs on!! It's so firm!

    Advice please. It's a KBC, pretty low end helmet. I tired the Arai on, which was nice, almost felt the same, but about $400 more expensive.

  2. Wondering if you got the right size :? but all the same my kbc took a little while to wear in, the padding did feel a firm and my face squeezy until then. Think it took about 3 weeks or so, or maybe my head just adapted to fit :LOL:

    Its a bit like pantene, it wont happen overnight but it will happen.
  3. dble post
  4. Mine was tight the first few weeks (check out the face squish - http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/2971/dscn6260rq0.jpg) and did give me some pain until it started to fit. I was going to get one size up but I could tell it was going to fit after a few weeks.

    You may have the wrong size, it might be to heavy or you might be getting to much wind and it's working your neck.
  5. If you don't wear earplugs, give them a try, 50c to eliminate additional noise from the helmet as a problem.
  6. Sams -

    Main thing is that it's not putting pressure in a band across your forehead/temples. That tends not to go away, and is a reasonably good indicator that a helmet is too small.

    The cheek smooshing thing tends to get better as the lining adjusts to your noggin. I recently bought a Shark RSF2 Race and spent a couple of weeks - not with headaches, mind - but a bit paranoid that I might have bought too small. It's settled down now and is fine, a luvverly lid.

    So...how's yours across the forehead/temples?

  7. one or two pressure points around the forehead or temples will do that,
    particularly with wind buffeting your head.
    meaning the helmet is the wrong shape for your head (or vice versa :p).

    if it is an all over squeeze probably means it is too small.

    what kind of advice did you get from the store before purchase?

    if it causing you headaches now,
    do not expect the helmet to wear in.

    suggest you go back to the store ASAP.
    at the very least let them know.
  8. hey OB,
    how funny we should post essentially the same advice at the same time.
  9. Carver -

    Yes, there's some sort of lid-based synchronicity going on there, for sure?

    And a fellow fan of old hellboy, too, I see. Or perhaps just an admirer of the work of Ron Perlman? Either way it's good. Wouldn't like to try to get a lid to fit with those horns, though...

  10. Helmet

    Thanks Roscoe. Love the picture of squished face! Mine looks like that!!

    It feel lighter than my old helmet, but then the old helmet was an el cheapo.
  11. OB, the forehead/temples area doesnt feel too bad. It's mainly at the base of the helmet at the back, right around the base of my skull, pushing on my vertebrae.

    My first instinct is to call them and take it back, bite the bullet and buy the Arai which fit nicely. Otherwise, I'll keep my old helmet thank you!
  12. Sams -

    Base of skull/base of helmet, eh? Can't say I've ever had one that was uncomfortable there...doesn't sound great.

    Certainly nothing to lose by taking it back and asking to swap for one size up.....

    All the best with this. Can't ride with a headache!