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Helmet from eBay

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Layzie, Jun 17, 2015.

  1. Hello fellow netriders, I don't have a bike yet but I've started buying some gear so that I'm all set when i get my bike.
    So far I've got an Ixon Sismic textile jacket and a Dririder Assen gloves.
    I've been looking at helmets on ebay and found this http://m.ebay.com.au/itm/351423471780?nav=SEARCH

    Has anyone purchased this helmet or any other helmets on ebay? The seller seems to have pretty good rating and feedback.

    Your thoughts?

  2. Mate if you're on a budget, fine. But do you really want your noggin in a no brand lid even with Aussie standards?
    Up to you, but for an extra $40 you can get a Shark S600.
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  3. Best to go somewhere to try one on as there are lots of different shapes, if the fleabay one doesn't fit properly you may have blown your cash or spend heaps returning it to try and get one that does fit where you could have gone to a dealer and got a properly fitted one in the first place. If your on a budget, do it properly in the first place instead of buying crap then having to replace it when it doesn't perform. You might get away with cheaper ill fitting jacket/gloves, etc. but an ill fitting helmet can give you headaches, be noisy (wind noise) and just not protect your melon, $2 lid for a $2 head. Do it once, do it well
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  4. I wouldn't recommend buying a helmet online. Go to a bike shop and get some help with getting one that fits well.

    My first helmet was one from the ALDI sale so I can understand the desire to buy cheap when starting out. I bought mine too big. Yes it's legally ok but I wouldn't want to crash at high speed wearing it.

    You can buy a cheap helmet by all means just make sure you get one that fits correctly.
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  5. Thanks for your response.
    I bought my first helmet from Aldi when i had my first bike (which i only had for a few months) and it actually fit well and was pretty comfy. I have a masive head lol but the XL fit perfectly.
    It is really just going to be helmet to start off with as I'm only looking to get a cheap bike to practice with before i go for the licence test.
    I will most likely get rid of the bike after I get my licence and save up for a much more decent bike and definitely much more decent gear.
    So it's going to be more like temporary gear.
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  6. The helmet that you linked to on eBay look *very* similar (same?) to the ALDI ones....

    They seem to have the same lines, 'plastic bits', and metal vent parts.
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  7. Mate,
    As a new rider myself, a helmet was not the thing to take likely, your head is worth to much
    I went to SydneyCity motor cycles and they fitted me with one
    they have a good range from about $120 upwards,
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  8. I wouldn't buy a helmet I haven't tried on....
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  9. Look for sales, got an $800rrp helmet for $295 recently. fcuk heavy, loud, minimally protective, no brand helmets, be a bit patient and buy something decent.
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  10. I got a freebie helmet (pink ffs) with something I bought off ebay. I threw it out. I couldn't even bring myself to on sell it even though the seller claimed it had never been dropped. I didn't have to spend a fortune to buy a new one even though I don't like it, it does the job until I upgrade. Like you, I started with 'starter' gear because I didn't know whether I was going to like riding or be any good at it.
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  11. I wouldn't wear one of those, look around for superseded name brands, I got a shark with rrp of $550 for $150 at action parramatta a few years ago.
  12. You need to try a helmet on before you buy it. A poor fitting helmet can cut your peripheral vision significantly. You really don't need this extra challenge when learning to ride.
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  13. Hey Mate,
    Im new to the scene I got a lot of advice saying I should go to AMX on the south Gippsland Highway, I went in there and couldnt get my big head into any of the expensive helmets and went with 1 that cost $110, but they had helmets which cost $60 there which you could try on.
    Also couldnt really see a brand on the ebay store however you used to be able to also buy AS standard stickers on Ebay so be careful buying a helmet with no brand.
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  14. go to your local moto shop find one you like and then find it on ebay
    when i was looking at helmets i tried a rxt helmet but the chin part only came just below my bottom lip... not the right fit so i got a shark rsf3 very comfy
  15. AMX Stores
  16. Yeah you need to try it on.... a helmet does need to be just right, if a little bit tight... sounds dirty !!!
  17. Like an Eskimo...you need a tight seal!
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  18. If you're going to purchase a helmet online without trying it on, you may as well get a second hand (name brand) helmet for about the same price. Just ensure if hasn't been dropped or suffered any impact (including falling off the seat)
    Sure you may not get the pretty graphic's but you'll have much better protection.
    As they say, the most valuable piece of real estate you'll ever own is between your ears. Is yours only worth $60.

    All the best
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    Last edited: Jun 18, 2015
    Hey mate, I have that helmet (well the ALDI one, it's the same) since I was on a pretty tight budget, can't say I've had any complaints, fits well and is actually quite comfortable. Although, I would recommend going into a store to try one on, I'd never buy a helmet if I couldn't atleast check if it fit.
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  20. Just to state the obvious, or maybe not so obvious, but price doesn't really matter. Cheap or expensive, it honestly doesn't matter. What matters is that it fits properly. I'm lucky, I have a HJC head so I can get away with paying absolutely no more than $400, and usually closer to $300. My wife on the other hand has a Shoei or Arai head so she spends closer to $700 or even $1000 for a helmet.