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Helmet for green 250 ninja

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by NinjaKid, Aug 19, 2015.

  1. Hi,
    I got a green ninja here and looking for a good helmet that look the part, comfortable and bang for the buck,
    the current helmet that Im wearing is a Scorpion TSS highway, I have nothing against price tag but the scorpion here is relatively on the cheaper side so... yea you get the idea of the quality,
    I liked the convience of it being able to pull up the chin strap other than that, the helmet is pretty much uncomfortable and of course less protective i must say.
    I'm probably looking around the $300 price tag, like Shark, AGV

    Thanks guyss
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  2. I have a kabuto aeroblade 3 (paid around $350)

    And a shark evoline 3 modular helmet (paid around $500 for this one but may be able to get them cheaper now)

    The shark is great, exceptional vision, the anti fog on the visor is unbelievable I just can't fault it, and I find the helmet itself really comfortable, plus the flip up chin bar is so convenient to have a drink without taking off helmet, or just to not sweat your soul out through your face in the Sydney summer. The visor has heaps of notches too, so if you do get it fogging up (I've ridden nearly every day this winter and even when stopped at lights I have only had the most minuscule amount of fog), as soon as you get some airflow going, which is excellent by the way, the fog quickly dissipates. Failing that, though, it's easy enough to just click the visor open a quarter of an inch and get some cold air inside quickly. My only complaint about this helmet is the nose - I know modular helmets are noisier than most standard full face ones but this shark just seems so intense compared to my kabuto helmet. I haven't worn too many other modular helmets, and have not ridden in any other modulars so can't really compare but on the freeway the noise is annoying enough for me to want earplugs.

    The kabuto I haven't worn as much but it was my only helmet until I got the shark. It is extremely comfortable and the vision is great, and of all the helmets I tried on in this price bracket, this one felt like a much more quality helmet. My only argument with it is that I was getting a lot of trouble with fogging. There's only three notches on the visor and they are quite far apart, so you can't ride with it cracked open as the first notch it clicks into sits far too open (for me anyway) and I'm worried I'll get something in my eye. The visor is however fitted for pinlocks and apparently the helmets now come with a pinlock insert too (for some reason mine didn't and they're about $40 for this model I think), and I've heard only good things about pinlocks so maybe that's not a problem anymore. The ventilation on the kabuto is amazing too - one slot at the chin, two above the forehead, and one at the back. It's also much quieter than the shark. I have long hair though and it gets a bit sticky in there in the summer...

    Anyway that's all I can say about helmets. Make sure you have a look at as many helmets as you can, watch instructional videos on how to choose a helmet, there's heaps of resources on this site and YouTube as to what shape you will need, and sizing etc. It's difficult as in the store and without much use a helmet that is perfect for you will more than likely be uncomfortably tight and claustrophobic, especially if you're a new rider and not used to wearing helmet. Sit in the store with the helmet on for 45 minutes (seriously) and see if there's any discomfort, pressure points or other issues you won't find by wearing it for 20 seconds.

    I know a few people who have bought cheap helmets and whinge about them all the time. Uncomfortable, loud, foggy, poor vision, windy, not aerodynamic, heavy, sweaty, bad ventilation, the list goes on. You really do get what you pay for. The way I see it, your helmet is the only thing you have to wear by law on a bike, so get the absolute best one you can afford. Comfort is key - if you want to wear it, it makes it so much less of a chore. Also, it's your bloody head. Look after it.

    Always nicer to think positively about the ride ahead instead of negatively about the lid you have to wear for the duration of it... There's enough dickheads on the road that make riding hard enough without adding in the distractions of a cheap poorly made helmet.
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  3. I've been using a Shark Skwal for the past three months as a replacement to a Shark Vision R. Both helmets are very good in terms of fit and vision. An advantage to the Skwal are the LEDs for use in rainy or foggy conditions (set to flashing if I'm pulled over on the side of the road) and the fact that the ECE 22.05 standard helmets are usually lighter than the AS 1698 versions. (ECE 22.05 became legal in Victoria 03-08-2015).
  4. I've been very happy with my AGV Grid helmet. It's the lightest, best ventilated, most fog proof helmet with the best field of vision that I've ever had. Unfortunately not made any more. If I had to replace it I'd be very interested in the AGV K5.
  5. try some on.
    find some that fit.
    buy the colour that matches your bike

    a good fit should be your first priority, and after finding that, you can go crazy with fashion :D
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  6. Please don't choose a colour to match your bike. There are already too many Power Rangers riding on our roads as it is.
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  7. I personally think colour matching of helmet and bike looks like arse.

    All the 'coolest' looking riders I've seen have random coloured helmets in respect to their bike and somehow just works.

    I also agree with the above that find one that fits first.
  8. Matching your bike helmet colour to your bike is teh ghey.
  9. yeah, i gotta admit, color matching is a no lol, which do ya guys think its good, im wearing specs btw, so it kinda limits the choice
  10. I got a helmet for my head, not my bike.

    Plenty of people will tell you to get a light coloured helmet as it makes you more visible ... since the cops wear white helmets. The choice is yours, but think about why the helmet is there in the first place (hint: avoiding acquired brain injuries) more so than what pretty colour it is.
  11. This is my helmet of choice currently.....but with a blue mirror iridium shield. I have a special edition ninja 300.

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