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Helmet Fitting Advice?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by JeremyP, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I'm looking at buying my first helmet and have tried a few different styles on in some shops. I know that it's not only the size of your head, but also its shape that affects which helmets may be a good fit and which may be unsuitable. My head seems to be on the border (for Shark at least) of a Med / Lge and I'm wondering how much 'give' there is in time in the padding. The Lge feels Ok front to back but I have a little room at the sides ( must have an oval shaped head). The Med seems to fit better but is a little tight on the forehead. Will this padding compress over use? Is it better to buy a 'tighter' helmet and wear it in or should you got for a fit that is comfortable from the start - or might that become looser and therefore not so safe further down the track?

    Ideally I'm looking at the Shark Vision R or Speed R - I like the drop down visor idea. However, I realise that getting a helmet that fits is a better plan than getting one you simply like the look of.

  2. Shoei and Nolan fit my oval shaped head better than other brands - both make models with flip down visors. Shoei Neotec and the new (not yet released here) updated XR-1100.
    It should fit tightly but not uncomfortably, when my Shoei gets a bit slack I remove the inner pads and give them a wash, nicely fitting helmet again.
  3. You said it all in the last line there mate. Get one that fits your head all round
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  4. Try on an Arai. when I bought my vector-2 I thought oh damn.. feels too tight.. after a few hours wearing it, it molds to your head really well. I have a busted looking head and the arai was amazing. not to mention fitment, they are all hand crafted in japan. cheap helmets are cheap for a reason! aus standards are way too lenient. but thats for another thread....
  5. Thanks. I'll give the various brands mentioned a try as well. I guess my problem is disitinguishing between what is a good fit that will become confortable over time and what is too tight.
  6. If it feels too tight when you first put it on it is too tight. A well fitted helmet should be snug but not uncomfortable.
  7. If it fits right it should make your forehead wrinkle when you try to rock it up and down. Try the Shark S900c . It also has a drop down visor, is pretty light to wear and good aerodynamics. I got one recently and enjoyed the Snowys ride with it. Very comfortable. $360. Worth it. I was looking at the SpeedR, but that doesnt have the chin curtain.
  8. I've been the owner of a Shark Speed R for just a couple of days and have done about a hundred kilometers in them.
    Compared to my AGV K3, I feel the aerodynamics of the helmet are alot better - minimal buffeting when doing head-checks, and next to no lift at highway speeds. The inner padding is a nice balance between firm and plush. This is no doubt expected in a hemlet twice the price.
    The internal sun-visor is also probably the best that I've tested as well as you there really isn't much of your field of vision that it doesn't cover, and what it doesn't cover (small areas at the extreme bottom edges), In my opinion, are too small to bother worrying about.
    However, there are a couple of things that irritate me already about this helmet - the first being the visor lock. Sure, its a great feature, but I cant get the fcuking thing open when I am wearing gloves! I'll leave you to think about scenarios in which this may be an issue.

    Secondly, I don't like the visor. Wearing the helmet whilst commuting home on a country highway at 11pm (pitch black). I noticed that that whenever I passed a sign, those posts that tell you where the edge of the road it, or anything reflective, I would see multiple reflections of these things reflected across my visor..which was quite distracting..

    Also, I find the vertical/up-down vision of this helmet is pretty average compared my K3. On a windy day or for whatever reason I need to tilt my head down, this forces me to look through the top of my visor. Yeah that'd be cool, if the top 2-3mm of the visor didn't warp my vision by having a line of blurriness from one side to the other in the way it does. Class 1 optics my ass

    and there we have it. I would really like to hear from other owners of this helmet

    Yes, the Speed r DOES come with a chin curtain
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    get as tight as possible without hurting
    (and take long/short hair into account, which will change the fit)

    in the store they all look the same, but when you wear it every day they are totally different

    helmets aint helmets

    (PS abadacus, be content with your helmet lock, my visor flips open by itself at high speeds)
  10. If you have an oval head, try the new Bell RS1. Great reviews, and just recently released.
    I tried one the other day, couldn't get my round noggin in a large. Definitively a oval shapped helmet. And you could get the transition visor for it.
  11. abadacus, my current helmet is the AGV k3!!!

    if your visor is distorted, get it replaced!
    i had the same prob when i got my K3, the visor should have NO distortion at all!!!! (especially on a new helmet)

    before that i had an M2R motoXXX and it was an awesome helmet, much better than the AGV
  12. I'm looking for the same thing - decent helmet with an integral sun visor. After trawling their website first, I narrowed it down to the cheap RJays GP3+ and expensive Shark Evoline 3.

    Rjays really squishes the top edges of my ears, it must be the internal visor mechanism. Only Evoline in stock was old version 2, and that was too small for me (they only go up to XL).

    I tried everything else and learned a bit... among other things - I don't have "an Arai head" :p
    Shoei fitted the best, but none of their "normal" helmets have integral sun visor, only the new modular Neotec... but that's around $900 and it doesn't flip all the way backwards like Shark.

    My thing is really the "ear fit". If it's not comfy on my ears nothing else matters. If it passes that, try pressing down on top and checking how it feels on the top of your head. Some cheapies have a really thin padding and they feel like a solid flat sewer lid on top of my head. Don't be stingy with the money, you don't buy a helmet every day, and above all - make sure you are completely happy with it. Close enough is not good enough.
  13. Thanks for the further recommendations everyone, some good tips for me to try out. I've tried a few more styles on in recent days and also discovered that wearing glasses can cut down options too - some types wouldn't accommodate them at all.
  14. If you have to have an internal sun visor, also try AGV's Horizon and Nolan's N85
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    check the Balance of the helmet - see if it is neutral or not as most are rear heavy

    ( consider an already rear heavy helmet will pull your neck backwards and also this will be multiplied by wind force)

    hold the helmet by the chin bar with your palm facing upwards and the helmet facing you wrap your fingers around the chin bar so they poke put towards you through the visor opening

    The extend your arm fully straight in front of you at shoulder height see if the helmet dips backwards by making your wrist fall back