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Helmet features and fitting

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Smokeyr67, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. G'day guys, I'm coming back from a bit of a layoff, and I need all new gear, but firstly a new helmet.

    As its been a while, I'd like some advice about what new features are available, and what helmets you'd recommend for a commuter.

    I thought it was just a case of buying the right size lid, with vents, but a mate has suggested thet each manufacturer has a number of head shapes??

    I'm in Brissy, so if anyone can suggest a place to shop I'm all ears.
  2. HJC IS-16 is a favorite. love the built in shades and good peripheal (sp) vision. has all the other features too, wind curtain, breath guard etc. vents are good and it's fairly quiet.
    can be found for 300 bucks, shop around. great for the price, if it fits your head.
    depends on your budget.

  3. I heard that Shoei make a good helmet for people who are all ears. :rofl:

    Good luck and welcome back to riding.
  4. Hey Smokey.

    +1 to Brmmm and your mate - different manufacturers suit different head shapes. eg I have an Arai shaped head (i.e. large and shaped like a potato :))

    Based on my limited experience I would say:
    • Find a helmet that is comfortable but fits snugly. It will adapt to your head over time.
    • Ventilation is a must particularly in hot weather
    • Water-tightness is a must in wet weather - you don't want water dripping in behind the screen or through the vent holes, so make sure both seal up really well when needed.
    • Anti fogging is a must. Shoei sell a visor accessory that attaches to your primary visor, preventing fogging ... kind of like double glazing. My Arai doesn't have anything equivalent. I installed an RJays anti fog film on my visor, but it's not a perfect fix. Get the shop dudes to explain how each helmet prevents fogging.
    • Ease of visor removal (for cleaning, or swapping clear for tinted) is important too. Get the shop dudes to show you how the visor goes on and comes off.
    • Removable liner is good if you have the option. After dozens of hours housing a sweaty head, your helmet's lining will need a freshen up. Much easier if the lining can be taken out for cleaning.

    I commute 5 days a week, mostly freeway. Related to this, my only other suggestion is that helmet noise is also something to consider. Monkeyman mentioned the quietness of the helmet with good reason. I have a road helmet. I like riding with my visor up because I can hear the bike and surrounding traffic better, and I like the rush of the wind ... but unfortunately my visor "whistles" when it's up. For this reason I am thinking of getting dual sport helmet for my next lid.

    Good luck with the search - hope all of this helps!

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  6. ROFL, I do have a big pair, but they don't hear so well.
  7. Thanks for your input mate, but a lot of your questions can only be answered by ownership, so I'm going to ask you, hows the KLR? Its on my sensible list, and the only non cruiser I'm considering.
  8. I had a KLR for the last week as a loan bike whilst the hyo was getting fixed under warranty. I absolutly hated it. Was glad when i could give it back.