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NSW Helmet Exemption

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by tiprat, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. this is a joke, right?
  2. 62cm? That's pretty darn big isn't it?

    When our bub was born ~7 months ago, the paediatrician said he had a pretty big head, and he measured my wife and I as well out of curiosity - he said that we were both also "larger than average" at 53cm each... Although I prefer the term "above average" ;)
  3. this is no joke as far as i can tell,,, i was told of this yesterday ,, i was hoping that some one here can find out if this is true ,,,i find it hard to belive my self
  4. Most normal hat sizes go up to 62/63. Very few go bigger. I just purchased my third BMW System helmet. In the past they only went up to 62/63. There's now one size bigger, which I now kind of wish I'd brought.

    I'm guessing this is why there is an exemption for those with superior sized heads. Nothing fits.
  5. i hope justas will help out with this ,,is it true or is it bullshit
  6. I've heard this before, it was mentioned by justus a few months back.

    Though could you imagine the shit fight of riding around without a helmet?

    No sir, I am exempt from wearing a helmet

    Yes it's a rule

    Ok give me a ticket and I'll add it to the 15 others I am sending this month to be annulled. Thank you for your time.

    back on bike 5 minutes later

    No sir, I am exempt from wearing a helmet

    Yes it's a rule

    Ok give me a ticket and I'll add it to the 16 others I am sending this month to be annulled. Thank you for your time.
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  7. its probably along the same lines of if you are stupidly fat you can get away without wearing a seatbelt (may or may not have changed since i heard it)
  8. Agreed. You'd get sick of bring pulled over every 5 minutes and going through the same conversation.

    Think I'd just wear a kitchen pot filled with spray foam. At least it would be something.
  9. If you read it, it says you are exempt from riding an Australian Standard Helmet, and instead may wear a helmet meeting the European, DoT, Snell, or Japanese standards. It does not say you are exempt from wearing a helmet.
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  10. cool, so all i need is a medical certificate and i can wear an OS helmet!
    no more ordering in XL helmets that dont fit
  11. Charming! Bloody charming......

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  12. i heard of a guy in NSW years back who had claustrophobia and didnt have a car license and got a medical exemption to ride lid free. Would get sick of getting pulled over all the time thou!
  13. Back in the late '70's and early '80's, you could get helmet exemptions fairly easily.

    I thought about getting one myself, but, at the time I had a "don't book me, I'm a cripple" parking ticket for my car, and I didn't think that the RTA would let me have both.
  14. I'm confused. Isn't 53cm is equal to an XS or S?
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  15. Not meaning to be rude, but literacy is something you don't seem to be particularly interested in (I don't care about this, I understand what you are writing about). But what the hell are you doing 100 pages in to one of the most boring documents I have ever seen?
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  16. When helmets became compulsory you could get an exemption with a medical certificate.I few mates did just that,headache was what they hung there hat on.You could also get one if you were a Sikh and your religion required wearing a turban.I went with the helmet,having a massive head I wore an an AGV sold through Frank Matich,he suppled the helmets the cops used and I needed a special order 64 the biggest they made.Seems a lot of cops also had big heads at the time.
  17. un like most netriders i hate wearing a helmet,back in the 1970s and early 1980s i had a helmet exemtion , i want to have a choice if i want to wear one or not ,,,its all about what i want not what any one else wants
  18. Move to another country would be about your only option. Even if you could get an exemption it wouldn't be worth it. You couldn't go anywhere without having to stop and pull out a certificate for a cop. Plus you would probably get a lot of do gooder members of the public yelling at you.
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  19. One of the attractions about going to the Bathurst races was tooling about without a helmet on the mountain.It is a liberating thing,I also do little trips around my suburb in shorts and a T shirt.But there is no way I would do either on a serious ride,have had the consequences of doing that and I don't like pain much.