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"Helmet Etiquette"

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Woozie, Feb 27, 2010.

  1. Ok, ok, bare with me this may seem a ridiculous question. What exactly is the bikers etiquette for helmets and gear when going into a shopping center or even meeting some friends for lunch before work?

    I couldn't imagine leaving your helmet on your bike (I'm a cynic when it comes to trusting people to behave) but I doubt even a small low key restaurant would be happy to have a disembodied helmet staring at patrons on a table with a pair of gloves resting on top.

    Are saddlebags even big enough to hold a helmet? Carry a backpack?

  2. there are no ridiculous questions, only ridiculous people.

    -a lockable top box.

    -or carry helmet, though correct etiquette is for pillion biatch to carry helmets.

    -many restaurants/clubs have locker room or facility to store coats etc.
  3. For short-term stuff in a place that doesn't set off my spidey senses, I tuck the helmet under the left side of the bike, nestled against the front tyre.

    Or on the VTR250 I'd use the built-in helmet hook to secure it, so long as it's not raining. If I'm in a rush or can't be arsed taking the seat off, the helmet gets carried with me instead. Tiger doesn't have a helmet hook, alas. I sometimes think of getting one of the helmet-holder license plate surrounds.

    Most topboxes are designed to fit one or two helmets, though it's best to ask/check which ones can and can't. OEM ones often are just a tiny bit too small. Aftermarket ones are almost always designed to fit a helmet. (My monstrous 52 litre Givi E52 can hold two helmets and a summer jacket!)

    Some panniers can fit 1-2 helmets... Not so much the OEM-supplied ones, as they tend to be a bit more compact for filtering, but most of the aftermarket brands make larger panniers which can fit 1-2 helmets. They usually advertise which ones can/can't.

    That said, I've never had a restaurant get annoyed that at a meeting of 3 motorcyclists, the 4th seat at the table is covered in jackets and there are helmets on the floor under the table. We are, afterall, giving them money. ;)

    Plenty of motorcyclists use their upside-down helmet as a shopping basket at the supermarket (though not me).

    If you do leave the helmet with the bike (secured or unsecured)... I won't say that helmet theft/vandalism doesn't happen, but if you search for it on the forum theft/vandalism will probably appear overrepresented. Afterall, the 375,000+ visitors of this site don't make daily posts about how their helmet (once again) didn't get stolen. ;)
  4. It's a helmet, not a pit bull, just take it with you. Why on earth would a restaurant care? The snooty ones will offer to store it for you and the "low key" ones won't.

    Contrary to popular myth "bikers" are not treated like the scum of the earth by the rest of society. :wink:
  5. Speaking of ettiquette, ive just had a gladiator biker move in next door and after 3 days im already over the sound of his bike waking me up every morning when im on nightshift...

    Think he would blame a rival gang if someone were to set fire to his bike during the night?
  6. The helmet is the least of your concerns. Go about your daily business in full leathers and see the looks you get from people :D
  7. Heh, I get looks from other bike riders around here. Seems the typical safety gear of a Coastie is thongs and board shorts and anyone in a leather jacket/jeans is some kind of weirdo to be stared at.

    Thanks guys, still feels weird walking into a cafe to sit down and taking up room for a helmet + gloves but I guess I'll get over it.
  8. Jacket on back of chair. Lid, with gloves inside, on floor under chair. And I don't go to places likely to have a problem.
  9. I do the same as what PatB said.
  10. If that's the Gold Coast you're talking about I agree. I could not believe the amount of riders I saw there a few weeks back when I was holidaying there riding with nothing but singlet, shorts & things. I cringed each time I saw these people and there were all sorts of people fat, skinny old and young riders all dressed as squids.

    Don't feel weird. If you're that paranoid put it between you're feet in a helmet carry sack on the floor.
  11. its a helmet - not a guide dog
  12. There's no reason not to keep it with you.

    For me, leaving a helmet outside would be like leaving your hat or shoes outside when you go in somewhere.

    A helmet is no bigger than a lot of 'purses' (read: backpack for your arm - armpack) you see hanging off a woman's arm. So why should I leave something worth more than that woman's bag, out on the street? No thanks.

    The only places that would not want me to have my helmet with me for whatever reason, are the exact places that I wouldn't want to go in anyway.

    Not about to leave my helmet outside. Never have, never will.
  13. Sometimes i wonder about whether i've got the right idea.
    when on the motorbike, AGAT.
    But i'm also a cyclist, and when i'm out on the road on my pushbike.. i'll be in lycra, and a little lid on top... There are several hills where it's possible to exceed the speed limit on a descent on the pushbike, and i do... yet i don't think twice, how i'm wearing less protection and going faster than i would on my motorbike....

    oh and i carry my helmet with me, who cares?
  14. Tasmanian Riders should put their Left helmet on first.
  15. :rofl: funny stuff
  16. I use a small retractable cable lock that I bought from a camping shop. I then lock the helmet on my handlebars. If its a seriously hot day, I can also thread it through my jacket arm and leave that on the bike too.

    It won't stop a serious thief, but I'm comfy with it.

  17. From experience I'd rather carry a helmet and jacket from pillar to post rather than take the risk of becoming a squid. I'm also with the sentiment that any where that doesn't want my helmet and I, doesn't want my patronage/money.
  18. You guys create some funny threads....

    I have always carried my helmet with me (and usually, I have a large pack as well) into restaurants, shops or whatever. I was down in Mittagong on the Saturday with the other half and went browsing in an antique store. A woman working there offered to store our gear behind the counter which we took up immediately. She was probably worried about us banging around with all our gear and breaking something. Later we went to Berrima and went to a restaurant (Magpie Cafe) and the helmets scored their own seats with us.
  19. Leave it on the bike. I use the helmet lock for both the helmet and the metal loop of the jacket belt. If someone wants to cut the jacket and the helmet strap to steal them - more power to them. 99.9% of people are honest anyway and the other 0.1% are inherently lazy.

    I've often just left the helmet, jacket and gloves sitting on the seat.
  20. There's a real opportunity for someone on the Gold Coast to make a nice sideline importing the Bata motorcycle sandal from Bangla Desh (I know I posted it before but I can't be stuffed chasing it down)...


    You could use a bicycle lock to lock your helmet to the bike but as someone who has a lot of bike meetings in cafes (and not just pizza places, Vic!), I've never had a problem.

    I was at a seriously good restaurant in Melbourne (The Press Club) before Christmas this year and a couple came in with jackets, helmets etc. The staff just took the jackets and helmets and put them away as they do for raincoats, umbrellas etc.