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Helmet Earphones

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by tis_paul, May 24, 2005.

  1. Hey peeps, was wondering if anyone has had those custom headphones fitted to their helmets? How much did they cost, where did you get it done and how are they? Cheers!

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  3. It's been mentioned before but I cant remember if it was in here or somewhere else but........

    You should never put speakers inside your helmet and only use well fitted in ear style ear pieces.

    Reason, think about what a helmet does during a crash and what could happen to your ears if a speaker is floating around in there.
  4. with a full face helmet - I just buy some inexpensive speaker type headphones (e.g. the over the head ones)...

    I break the "neck-piece" off - the route the wires through the lining of the helmet - in the "gaps" where your ears fit - I stick a bit of blue tack to keep the speakers in place... I don't see how they could do too much damage...

    With an open-face - I just use ear-buds, but I wear a bandanna under the lid to stop the earbuds falling out...
  5. Ok, put your helmet on and lie on your side on a concrete footpath.

    Now belt your head as hard as you can on the footpath.

    Instead of the foam liner in your helmet being between your ears and the outer skin of the helmet you now have your speakers in there.

    That's why you need ear bud type speakers in car racing as the in helmet style speakers are banned.

    I take no responsibility for damage to your helmet or head should you actually try the above
  6. I take no responsibility for damage to your helmet or head should you actually try the above

    Now if anyone is silly enough to try this can you please at least take a pic so we can all see it............. :D
  7. They are pretty expensive but Etymotics ROCK for in helmet usage. Decent to awesome sound isolation of between 15 - 40 dB depending on the model and how snuggly they happen to fit your ears.

    From cheapest/good to most expensive/awesome:

    I'd go for the ER-6i myself.

    Or if you are an audiophile with a LOT of spare cash:

    I've heard the UE-10 Pro's and they are almost as good as my electrostatics.
  8. Etymotics ROCK

    and they've got flanges too!!! anything with flanges can't be bad...
  9. Flanges or wheels and its gonna be trouble... :p :LOL: :LOL:
  10. The Etymotics are certainly a better pick in SQ and noise-cancelling than the Sony headphones, but you need to consider how good (and how important) the SQ will be at 100km/h.

    I'm currently trying to decide between some of the Etys and just the cheap Sonys for this reason: not sure if I can just $199 for headphones just worn under my lid.
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  13. I think the advantage to the earmold items is that you get bud speakers within a custom-made ear plug. That was the marketing claim anyway. Can't speak from experience.
  14. I made an inquiry to earmold a few months ago. They're speaker range for use in a helmet (listening to music) is something like $300
  15. anyone know of any earmold distributors? couldn't find much on their site.
  16. bought them last night on your advice, best thing i've ever done besides buying the bike was gearing up to hear music on the bike

    also bought a small mp3 player with radio to go with.

    funny thing watching me sit at traffic lights grooving to music, bobbin the head, tapping the feet and drumming the handlebars.
  17. Sounds about right for BrisVegas!
  18. tisk tisk....
  19. The earmolds are quite dear.
    I have the Sony MDREX71LP's (next level up from the MDREX51LP) and they are absolutely great :)